Los Angeles XXIII Olympiad dollar

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United States
Value1 U.S. Dollar
Mass? g
Diameter? mm
Thickness? mm
Composition90%Ag / 10%Cu?
Years of minting1983
Catalog numberKM# 209
DesignDiscus Thrower, In God We Trust, Liberty,Los Angeles, XXIII Olympiad,Olympic rings,1983, S (mint mark), EJ (designers Initials)
DesignerElizabeth Jones
Design date1983?
DesignUnited States of America, One Dollar, E Pluribus Unum, a bald eagle, EJ-JIII (designers initials and again J with a E at a 90 degree turn)
DesignerElizabeth Jones
Design date?

The Los Angeles XXIII Olympiad dollar was a commemorative one dollar coin minted by the United States to commemorate the 1984 Summer Olympic games held in Los Angeles. 174,074 of these coins were minted in Uncirculated or Proof finishes by all three of the United States mints: Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, San Francisco Mint. The coin was made of 90% silver and 10% copper.