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Lothians (Scottish Parliament electoral region)

The Lothians was one of the eight electoral regions of the Scottish Parliament from 1999 to 2011. Nine of the parliament's 73 first past the post constituencies are sub-divisions of the region and it elects seven of the 56 additional-member Members of the Scottish Parliament, thus it elects a total of 16 MSPs. The Lothians region shares boundaries with the South of Scotland and Central Scotland regions, is connected with the Mid Scotland and Fife region by bridges over the Firth of Forth; as a result of the First Periodic Review of Scottish Parliament Boundaries it is replaced by the Lothian region. The City of Edinburgh and the West Lothian council areas are within the region. Most of the East Lothian council area is outside, covered by the East Lothian constituency, in the South of Scotland region. A western portion of the Midlothian council area is covered by the Tweeddale and Lauderdale constituency, within the South of Scotland region. Council areas are as defined in 1996, may be subject to change after the next Scottish Parliament election.

The constituencies were created in 1999 with the names and boundaries of Westminster constituencies, as existing in at that time. Scottish Westminster constituencies were replaced with new constituencies in 2005. In terms of first past the post constituencies the region includes: The table below displays the Members of the Scottish Parliament that were elected from the Lothians region between 1999 and 2011. From the 2011 election the Lothian region was used. N. B; this table is for presentation purposes only In the 2007 Scottish Parliament election the region elected MSPs as follows: 5 Labour MSPs 5 Scottish National Party MSPs 2 Liberal Democrat MSPs 2 Conservative MSPs 1 Scottish Green Party MSPs 1 Independent MSP Changes: On 31 August 2007, Stefan Tymkewycz resigned to concentrate on being a City of Edinburgh councillor and was replaced by Shirley-Anne Somerville. In the 2003 Scottish Parliament election the region elected MSPs as follows: 6 Labour MSPs 2 Liberal Democrat MSPs 2 Conservative MSPs 2 Scottish Green Party MSPs 2 Scottish National Party MSPs 1 Independent MSP 1 Scottish Socialist Party MSP In the 1999 Scottish Parliament election the region elected MSPs as follows: 8 Labour MSPs 3 Scottish National Party MSPs 2 Liberal Democrat MSPs 2 Conservative MSPs 1 Green Party MSP


GameNOW was a United States-based video game magazine, published by Ziff-Davis from November 2001 to January 2004. A total of 27 issues were published. In addition to video game consoles like PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, GameNOW covered games for personal computers. GameNOW's roots began in July 1994 when the popular magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly launched a spin-off magazine called EGM2. EGM² was "another EGM," only without a reviews section and a greater emphasis on import games. Starting in August 1998, EGM² became Expert Gamer, the magazine's focus shifted away from news and previews to strategy and tricks. Despite the different name, XG continued EGM²'s numbering system. XG lasted for 39 issues until October 2001; the next month, XG was replaced by GameNOW. Although GameNOW maintained a healthy tricks section and occasional strategy guides, the magazine's focus shifted to in-depth previews and reviews. Targeted to a younger audience than that of EGM, GameNOW concentrated less on industry insider-type features and more on the actual video games, including numerous large screenshots and elaborate feature articles.

In November 2002, the GameNOW staff was completely replaced when Ziff-Davis moved its video game magazines from the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, Illinois to San Francisco, California. Of the original staff, only two writers made the move to California. Shortly after the move, the magazine underwent a massive redesign; the magazine's original editorial staff consisted of the following crew: Editor-in-Chief - Dan Leahy Managing Editor - Justyn Harkin Associate Editors - Phil Theobald, Ethan Einhorn Senior Art Director - Carey Wise Associate Art Directors - Dave Malec, Mark Manzo Once the magazine was relocated to San Francisco, the staff consisted of: Editor-in-Chief - Tom Byron Managing Editor - Carrie Shepherd Associate Editors - Phil Theobald, Ethan Einhorn, Miguel Lopez, Sushi-X Senior Art Director - Andrew Burwell Associate Art Director - Nicole Tanner GameNOW #16 featured the return of the EGM review ninja, Sushi-X. An expert on fighting games, an actual photo of Sushi never appeared in the magazine.

Instead, he was always shown as a 16-bit era sprite. In this form, he still featured his trademark red keikogi and sai. Sushi's reviews differed from the other editors' reviews in that they were written with more flowery prose and were peppered with references to his ninja training and his quest for enlightenment. Like most magazines, GameNOW features many recurring sections; these included: Rants & Raves - GameNOW's letters section was popular among its readers for its humorous and sarcastic tone. GameNOW wasn't afraid to poke fun at its readers, many readers would write in hoping to be "zinged" in the pages of the magazine. Rants & Raves was home to several inside jokes among GameNOW's readership, including the frequent use of a particular screenshot from the PlayStation game Final Fantasy VIII. GameNOW Gallery - A two-page spread that focused on showing large screenshots and character artwork from upcoming games; this section is notable for featuring a spread highlighting Rare's original character designs for Joanna Dark in Perfect Dark Zero and a spread showing several screenshots from the unreleased GBA game Shantae Advance.

Hot 10 - A previews section that counted down the top ten best games coming out each month. Now Playing - GameNOW's review section; the magazine's review scale was much like a school's report card, with grades ranging from A+ to F. A C grade denoted; the A+ Club - A section that called special attention to all the games that received GameNOW's highest review score, an A+. The F Troupe - The polar opposite of The A+ Club; this section called out every game that received GameNOW's lowest score, an F. The F Troupe's mascot was Poo, an anthropomorphic piece of cartoon poop that the GameNOW editors created in the PlayStation 2 game Magic Pengel. Tricks Now - A multi-page section near the back of the magazine that contained cheat codes for the latest games. Animal Crossing Bulletin Board - A small feature than ran within the Tricks Now section from issue #14 to issue #25, it featured strategies for the Nintendo GameCube game Animal Crossing and original patterns that could be recreated with the game's pattern designer.

Among the custom patterns were the GameNOW logo and a recreation of GameNOW's legendary Final Fantasy VIII screenshot. When GameNOW began, Fan Club was the name of the letters section that ran in the back of the magazine. Starting with issue #4, the Fan Club section was expanded to include regular mini-features in addition to the reader mail. In issue # 14, the letters section was moved to the front of renamed Rants & Raves; the mini-features were retained in the now expanded Fan Club section in the back of the magazine. Among the regular mini-features were: Top Ten - Although these top ten lists were played straight by counting down the top ten games in a specific series or genre, there were occasional lists that were made for laughs. Crap from the Past - Poked fun at terrible older video games. Hot or Not - A lighthearted look at what the editors were into that month. Gamerdex - Inspired by the Pokédex from Nintendo's Pokémon series, this section highlighted a different type of gamer, including an illustration of the gamer.

Gaming Evolution - Took a video game character or series and traced its evolution from its hu

Trams in Mainz

The Mainz tramway network is a network of tramways forming part of the public transport system in Mainz, the capital city of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Opened in 1883, the network has been operated since 2001 by Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft; as of 2017, the Mainz tramway network had the following five tram lines: Since Autumn 2016 the new "Mainzelbahn" has been transporting passengers from Hauptbahnhof West via University and Marienborn to Lerchenberg and offer a fast connection between the Main Station and the University as well as the headquarter of ZDF in the district of Lerchenberg. Further a new line is planned; the "Zollhafen Tram" links the new Zollhafen residential area with the Tram Network. For operating the new lines MVG ordered 10 Variotrams at Stadler rail. List of town tramway systems in Germany Trams in Germany Media related to Trams in Mainz at Wikimedia Commons Mainz database / photo gallery and Mainz tram list at Urban Electric Transit – in various languages, including English.

Mainz database / photo gallery at Phototrans – in various languages, including English

Greg Reid

Greg Reid is a professional gridiron football cornerback for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. He led college football in yards per punt return in 2009, was named defensive MVP in the 2010 Chick-fil-A Bowl. After a senior season in which he rushed for over 1,200 yards, scored 18 touchdowns and had nine interceptions, Reid was named the fourth best cornerback in the nation, the top overall prospect in Georgia, he earned All-American honors from Parade and SuperPrep, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution named him "Georgia Player of the Year", he was named the class five-A "Georgia Player of the Decade". Reid was recruited out of high school, earning five star ratings from both Rivals and Scouts, received scholarship offers from Alabama, Auburn and Georgia, among others. Due to a lack of depth at the cornerback position, Reid played all thirteen games of the 2009 season, intercepting two passes, leading the NCAA in punt return average". On August 1, 2012, Reid was dismissed from the Florida State Seminoles on account of violating team rules.

He transferred to Valdosta State University, located in the same city as his high school. Reid signed with the St. Louis Rams on March 24, 2014; the news came two days. He was waived during final cuts on August 30, 2014, he was assigned to the New Orleans VooDoo on December 23, 2014. Reid participated in the first inaugural NFL Veteran Combine on March 22, 2015. On April 29, 2015, Reid was assigned to the Jacksonville Sharks. Reid's great play lead him to being named to the First Team All-Arena squad as well as the AFL Rookie of the Year. On May 30, 2017, Reid was assigned to the Tampa Bay Storm, he was placed on league suspension on June 8, 2017. Reid signed with the Monterrey Steel for their postseason run. On May 22, 2018, Reid was assigned to the Washington Valor. Player profile at

Manoj Mitra

Manoj Mitra is an Indian theatre and television actor and playwright. Mitra was born on 22 December 1938 in Dhulihar village of Satkhira, Bangladesh, he used to study at home because his father Ashok Kumar Mitra, who had a transferable job. Mitra was attracted to the jatras and plays that used to be held in their courtyard during the Durga Pujas but was forbidden by senior family members to participate in any way, his school life began after the Partition at a school near Basirhaat. He joined the Scottish Church College with honours in philosophy and graduated in 1958, he used to write short stories and many of them appeared in various magazines. It was at Scottish Church. There were regular shows at the college where the likes of Badal Sarkar, Rudraprasad Sengupta and others were students, he began research for a doctorate. But by he and friends like theatre and film director Partha Pratim Chowdhury had begun the group Sundaram, he began by teaching philosophy in the Suri Vidyasagar College and joined the drama department at the Rabindra Bharati University, where he became the head of department and retired as Sisirkumar Bhaduri professor of RBU.

But by he was a leading playwright of Bengal. He was writing and acting in plays, his first play Mrityur Chokhe Jal won him first prize at the statewide competition. He has till date written over a hundred plays like Mrityur Chokhe Jal, Sajano Bagaan, Alokanandar Putra Kanya, Narak Guljar, Chakbhanga Madhu, Mesh O Rakhash, Noisho Bhoj, Chhayar Prashad,Galpo Hekim Saheb,Rajdarshan, Debi Swarpamasta, Munni O Saat Chowkidar,Ranger haat, Ja Nei Bharatey. While most of these plays were produced by Sundaram, major theatre groups have produced his works like Theatre Workshop, Bohurupee etc, he played a soulful role in the movie "Hothat Bristy" in 1998 was produced by both Bangladesh & India. His works have been translated into many languages and produced by directors like Ratan Thiyam, Rajendar Nath and others, his latest play Aschourjo Funtosee is now being produced by Sundaram in India. He has written several books on theatre. At present he is president of Sundaram. Sangeet Natak Akademy Award for Best Playwright Calcutta University Award for Best Playwright West Bengal State Government Award for Best Playwright Asiatic Society’s Gold Medal Filmfare Award for Best Actor Munir Chowdhury Award from Bangladesh Theatre Society Dinabandhu Puraskar Kalakar Awards Mitra has acted in films by a diverse variety of directors such as Tapan Sinha, Satyajit Ray, Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Basu Chatterjee, Tarun Majumdar, Shakti Samanta and Goutam Ghose.

He is best known for the lead role in Tapan Sinha’s film Banchharamer Bagaan, based on Mitra's play Sajano Bagaan. and his roles in Satyajit Ray's Ghare Baire and Ganashatru. Manoj Mitra on IMDb


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Cartoon, a Canadian animation company Aka Pella, a character from the cartoon Histeria! Channel AKA, former name of the UK music television channel Total Country The A. K. A.s, an American rock band A. K. A. A 2014 album by Jennifer Lopez "AKA", a video by True Widow Manpower Directorate of the Israeli Defence Forces Aga Khan Academies, in Africa and Asia Akademi Kreyòl Ayisyen, the regulatory organization of Haitian Creole Alpha Kappa Alpha, a US African-American sorority American Kitefliers Association American Kickboxing Academy Australian Karting Association Aka, pre-arranged sets of movement in the Burmese martial arts Aka, the part that connects the outrigger to the main hull in a multi-hull boat American Kickboxing Academy Australian Karting Association Alcoholic ketoacidosis, a medical condition Amphibious cargo ship Authentication and Key Agreement, a security protocol used in 3G networks Ankang Wulipu Airport, China Atka Airport, Alaska Aka language Lana Del Ray A. K. A. Lizzy Grant, a 2010 album by Lana Del Rey All pages with titles beginning with Aka All pages with titles beginning with AKA All pages with titles containing Aka All pages with titles containing AKA