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Loud as a Whisper

"Loud as a Whisper" is the fifth episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the 31st episode overall which first broadcast on January 9, 1989. Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the Starfleet crew of the Federation starship Enterprise-D. In this episode, the Enterprise ferries a deaf ambassador; the Federation starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is set to take aboard Riva, a renowned and successful negotiator, to help resolve a centuries-old war between two tribes on planet Solais V. Riva is deaf and mute due to a hereditary genetic deficiency, but travels with a "chorus", an entourage of three people in telepathic communication with him, who are able to enunciate his thoughts. Riva dismisses the Enterprise crew's briefing on the history of the conflict, explaining that the dispute has long since become personal, regardless of whatever tangible concerns that may have started it.

When Riva, his chorus, several Enterprise officers beam down for the meeting, one tribal delegate fires upon them, killing the chorus. The tribe's leader brands him a traitor and executes him, begging for the talks to continue, but the away team has begun emergency transport back to the Enterprise amid the chaos. Riva and agitated, struggles to communicate with the crew, so Picard orders Commander Data to find and learn Riva's sign language in order to act as a translator. Picard offers to take Riva's place at the mediation, but Riva believes the Solaian tribes will only cooperate with him. Riva is prepared to abandon the peace process and return to his home planet, accepting his failure, but Counselor Troi inspires him to stay, suggesting that he turn his disadvantage into an advantage, recalling Riva's own negotiating tactic. Riva returns to the meeting spot on the planet, to the crew's surprise, tells them that they should leave, he will signal Starfleet when the negotiations are complete, as they may take several months.

In order for the tribes to work with Riva, they will both be forced to learn sign language from Riva, which will create a shared experience between them. Thus, Riva is turning his disadvantage of being unable to communicate into an advantage; the crew leaves Riva to await the tribe representatives. Howie Seago, deaf, approached the show's producers with the idea of a deaf mediator; the initial idea came from his wife, a fan of Star Trek. The writers wanted Seago's character to learn to speak after his chorus is killed, but Seago was opposed to the idea, as it could perpetuate the practice of forcing deaf children to speak; the producers wrote a new draft. Zack Handlen of The A. V. Club rated the episode B- and wrote that the episode is "often painfully earnest in its philosophical meanderings, it's nearly impossible to watch without snickering in places, but it's thoughtful, and, if you can stop rolling your eyes long enough, inspiring." Star Trek The Next Generation DVD set, volume 2, disc 2, selection 1 "Loud as a Whisper" on IMDb "Loud as a Whisper" at "Loud as a Whisper" at Memory Alpha "Loud as a Whisper" at "Loud as a Whisper" at Ex Astris Scientia "Loud as a Whisper" rewatch by Keith R.

A. DeCandido "Loud as a Whisper" rewatch by Den of Geek

List of Barney & Friends episodes and videos

Barney & Friends is an American children's television series that ran on PBS Kids from April 6, 1992 to September 18, 2009. 1988 The Backyard Show1989 "Three Wishes" "A Day at the Beach"1990 Waiting for Santa Campfire Sing-Along Barney Goes to School1991 Barney In Concert Rock with Barney Season 1 videos Barney's Birthday Barney's Best Manners Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose Barney's Home Sweet Homes Down On Barney's Farm Barney's Magical Musical Adventure Season 2 videos Barney's Exercise Circus Let's Pretend with Barney Barney's Alphabet Zoo Barney's Families Are Special Barney's Parade of Numbers Season 3 videos Barney's Making New Friends Riding In Barney's Car Barney's All Aboard For Sharing Season 4 videos It's Time For Counting! Good, Clean Fun! Season 5 videos A to Z with Barney Barney's Halloween Party 2003 Barney Songs From The Park Barney's Read With Me Dance With Me Barney's Best Manners Barney Happy Mad Silly Sad-Putting a Face to Feelings2004 Barney Movin' and Groovin' Barney Let's Pretend with Barney Barney Now I Know My ABCs Barney's Colorful World Barney Ready Set Play2005 Barney Let's Go To The Farm Barney Just Imagine Barney Everyone Is Special Barney Safety Come On Over To Barney's House Barney Let's Go To The Zoo Barney The Land of Make Believe Barney Can You Sing That Song?

1992 Barney's Birthday Barney's Best Manners Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose Barney's Home Sweet Homes Down On Barney's Farm Barney's Magical Musical Adventure1993 Let's Pretend with Barney Barney's Families Are Special Love to Read with Barney1994 Barney's Alphabet Zoo Barney's Imagination Island Barney Live In New York City1995 Barney Songs Barney Safety Barney's Making New Friends Riding In Barney's Car Barney's All Aboard For Sharing1996 Barney's Talent Show Barney's Fun & Games Barney's 1-2-3-4 Seasons Barney's Once Upon A Time Barney's Exercise Circus and Parade of Numbers Barney's Sense-Sational Day 1997 Barney's Musical Scrapbook Barney's Outdoor Fun aka Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound Barney's Adventure Bus Barney's Good Day Good Night Barney's Stu-u-u-u-pendous Puzzle Fun! Barney It's Time For Counting Barney's Good Clean Fun and Oh Brother She's My Sister Barney's Colors And Shapes1998 Barney In Outer Space Barney's Big Surprise Barney's Halloween Party My Party With Barney Starring your child Barney's Great Adventure Barney's First Adventures A to Z with Barney 1999 Sing and Dance with Barney Barney What a World We Share Walk Around the Block with Barney Barney Let's Play School aka Barney's ABCs & 123s Barney's Night Before Christmas More Barney Songs 2000 Barney's All New Rhyme Time Rhythm Barney's Super Singing Circus Come On Over To Barney's House Be My Valentine Love Barney Barney's Dino Dancing Tunes 2001 Barney's Pajama Party Barney's Musical Castle Barney Let's Go To The Zoo Barney's You Can Be Anything 2002 Barney's Beach Party Barney's Round and Round We Go Barney's Christmas Star 2003 Barney Songs From the Park Barney's Read with Me Dance with Me Barney Best Manners Barney Happy Mad Silly Sad 2004 Barney Moving and Grooving Barney Let's Pretend With Barney Barney Now I Know My ABCs Barney's Colorful World Barney Ready Set Play 2005 Barney Let's Go To The Farm Barney Just Imagine Barney Everyone Is Special Barney The Land Of Make-Believe Barney Can You Sing That Song - December 132006 Barney Let's Go To The Beach - February 7 Barney Let's Make Music2007 Barney Let's Go to the Firestation Barney Shake Your Dino Tail Barney Dino-Mite Birthday2008 Barney Celebrating Around The World Barney Animal ABC's Barney Hi I'm Riff Best of Barney - 20 Years of Sharing, Caring2009 Barney Once Upon a Dino Tale Barney Top 20 Countdown Barney Let's Go On Vacation Barney Sharing is Caring Barney Jungle Friends Barney We Love Our Family2010 Please and Thank You Egg-Cellent Adventures Let's Play Outside Furry Friends A Counting We Will Go Best Fairy Tales2011 Musical Zoo Shapes & Colors All Around I Can Do It!

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Bornean bulbul

The Bornean bulbul is a member of the bulbul family of passerine birds. It is endemic to the island of Borneo; until 2008, the Bornean bulbul was considered as conspecific with the black-capped, black-crested, ruby-throated and flame-throated bulbuls. Some authorities have considered the Bornean bulbul to be a subspecies of the black-capped bulbul; the Bornean bulbul has a black crest, yellow throat, brownish eyes. This is a bird of forest and dense scrub, it builds its nest in a bush. The Bornean bulbul feeds on fruit and insects. Rasmussen, P. C. and J. C. Anderton.. Birds of South Asia; the Ripley Guide. Volume 2: Attributes and Status. Smithsonian Institution and Lynx Edicions, Washington D. C. and Barcelona

Are You Sure? (The Allisons song)

"Are You Sure?" is a song by British pop duo The Allisons, that represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 1961, performed in English. The song was performed 15th on the night of the contest, held on 18 March 1961, following Luxembourg's Jean-Claude Pascal with "Nous les amoureux", preceding Italy's Betty Curtis with "Al di là"; the song received 24 points, placing 2nd in a field of 16, the third consecutive second place Eurovision finish for the UK for whom two subsequent Eurovision entrants would be second-place finishers before "Puppet on a String" by Sandie Shaw would give the UK its first Eurovision victory at Eurovision 1967. "Are You Sure?" was the first UK Eurovision entrant to become a Top Ten hit reaching #2 UK, the best chart showing for a UK Eurovision entrant until "Puppet on a String" by Sandie Shaw reached No. 1 in 1967. The song was succeeded as the UK representative at the 1962 Contest by Ronnie Carroll with "Ring-A-Ding Girl"; the lyrics are memorable for a unique example of the bizarre grammatical error "Comes tomorrow, you won't want me"

Agrarian system

An agrarian system is the dynamic set of economic and technological factors that affect agricultural practices. It is premised on the idea that different systems have developed depending on the natural and social conditions specific to a particular region. Political factors have a bearing on an agrarian system due to issues such as land ownership, labor organization, forms of cultivation; as food security has become more important due to the explosive population growth during the 20th century, the efficiency of agrarian systems has come under greater review. The basis for a prevailing agrarian system may be derived from one of a number of major types, including agrarian social structure, for example, tribal or ethnic divisions, feudal classes or family based systems. Farming methods such as migratory herding of livestock are a common framework for which an agrarian system may evolve. Other important kinds of system are based on the dominant political ideology such as communism or agrarian socialism.

Europe is dominated by mixed farming. This has meant careful management of tillage practices and good tools and implements were important. China developed an agrarian system based on labor-intensive wet rice cultivation where skill was paramount; the Ottoman agrarian system was based around the tapu, which involved a permanent lease of state-owned arable land to a peasant family. In Haiti there was a social system based on collective labor teams, called kounbit, where farms were run by nuclear families and exchanges; this was replaced by smaller groups, called eskouad, who operated on a reciprocal basis or conducted collective labor to other peasants for a price. In the 20th century the distribution of land ownership in rural Egypt had become grossly unequal. An overwhelming majority of land owners possessed small parcels of land while a small minority owned large farms. Many of the rural poor were landless. By the middle of the century the calls for agrarian reform grew. Tenancy reforms, including rent control and minimum wage legislation were enacted with mixed results.

In Nigeria, the Igbo people developed an agrarian system. Their emphasis on small-scale, entrepreneurial capitalism was fundamental to Nigerian Independence. Agrarian Reform Laws of Cuba List of basic agriculture topics Right to food Social cycle theory Sustainable agriculture Agrarian structure


Netzwelt is a technology-related news website run by Netzwelt GmbH. The two founders and Sascha Hottes, founded Netzwelt in early 1999 in Darmstadt; the site, which bills itself as "Guter Rat auf einen Klick", features consumer electronics and software, as well as user-generated content in a popular forum. With up to 4,8 million visitors and 18 million page impressions, Netzwelt is one of the top five IT websites in Germany and Switzerland; the two brothers Sascha and Dirk Hottes have turned their passion into a profession. At the ages of just 20, they created the H ² Web GbR in Darmstadt; the IT-specialist Dirk Hottes and business economist Sascha Hottes created the news portal MP3 World, which dealt with audio software issues. A little they gave up their professions, they held as a tax consultant and free advisor to IT companies - and their strategy worked: After purchasing the domain and launching it in 2003, within a short time they had established one of the most important German independent online magazines for IT & consumer electronics on the Internet.

In 2003 the H2 media factory GmbH was founded. Headquartered in Darmstadt, it took over the operations of H2 Web GbR. In 2008 the company moved to Hamburg. In the same year, the H2 media factory GmbH was awarded the regional prize in the competition Hamburger Gründer Champion award, organized by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau. In August 2011 the H2 media factory GmbH was renamed in netzwelt GmbH; some SEO blogs have speculated that the unusual success of was achieved in part with the support of search engine optimization, since after a sharp rise in the reach within the quarter followed by dramatic crashes, which may be explained with a punishment by Google. On a not serious question from in 2008 if they had bribed Google, Sascha Hottes responds: „Of course, our sales is geared towards search engine optimization and online marketing. This is our home, this is our business. We do not need anyone to bribe. To bribe Google is anyway not so easy.“ The range of topics discussed by Netzwelt extends from the introduction of new software to reports about Computer hardware companies, social networks, smartphones, tablets or cameras.

In some articles instructions are given with valuable tips for the simple operation of programs. Reviews for computer games are offered. Altogether, there are nine categories: computers, audio, photo, internet and gaming. Free programs are made available for download. In an integrated forum on the page, it is possible to discuss all the issues related to IT and technology, or to get advice when problems arise. Furthermore, a dedicated YouTube channel exists under the name of netzwelt tv, on which the editors give valuable tips, for example how to use smartphones, give reports on what's new to see at fairs or offer interviews with key players of the Internet scene; the young entrepreneurs’ talent was proven with the founding of the audio download portal Akuma in 2006. Instead of DRM protection, audio watermarks for each downloaded song were used. With more than a million page views it advanced to one of the most clicked music offerings on the net. In 2010 Akuma was sold to a Berlin-based web agency, focussing on Netzwelt as the core platform for the company behind it.

2012, Akuma is still at the same level as in 2010, which means it has since ended its service. Official Website