Louis Choris

Louis Choris was a German-Russian painter and explorer. He was one of the first sketch artists for expedition research. Louis Choris was born in Yekaterinoslav, Russian Empire, now Dnipro, Ukraine of German-Russian parents on March 22, 1795, he visited the Pacific and the west coast of North America in 1816 on board the Russian expeditionary ship Ruric, being attached in the capacity of artist to the Romanzoff expedition under the command of Lieutenant Otto von Kotzebue, sent out for the purpose of exploring a northwest passage. Choris is said to have "painted nature; the essence of his art is truth. The accompanying illustrations may therefore be looked upon as faithfully representing the subjects treated by the artist. After the voyage of the Ruric, Choris went to Paris where he issued a portfolio of his drawings in lithographic reproduction and studied in the ateliers of Gerard and Regnault. Choris worked extensively in pastels, he documented the Ohlone people in the missions of San Francisco, California in 1816.

Seized by an irresistible craving for adventure, he left France in 1827 for South America. He met his end when he was murdered by robbers on March 22, 1828, en route to Mexico; the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, the Honolulu Museum of Art and the Oakland Museum of California are among the public collections holding works by Louis Choris. Ellis, George R. Honolulu Academy of Arts, Selected Works, Honolulu Academy of Arts, 1990, 181. Forbes, David W. Encounters with Paradise: Views of Hawaii and its People, 1778-1941, Honolulu Academy of Arts, 1992, 23–62. Louis Choris - American Journeys Foreign Views by Louis Choris

Rasem Badran

Rasem Jamal Badran, a Jordanian architect from a Palestinian descent whose works are based on a methodological approach in defining Architecture as a continuous dialogue between contemporary needs and historical inherited cultural values. Badran received his early education in Ramallah. In 1970 Badran graduated with a degree in Architecture from Technische Universität Darmstadt in former West Germany. Badran is a permanent member in the Academic Council for the international Academy of Architecture in Sophia Member of the Greater Amman Municipality Co-Founder of Dar Al Omran planning Architecture engineering company Design advisory board member in Moutamarat – International Design Initiative Member of the Dubai Municipality "Dubai International Awards for Best Practices" Member of the International Jury of the ARCASIA Award for Architecture, held in DhakaBangladesh Member of the International Master Jury of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture Member of the International Jury of the Governor-General's award for architecture, Jamaica Member of the Master Jury committee for the Arab Towns Organization prizes Member of International Jury for planning and urban development in the old area of "Bab-Al Sheikh" in Baghdad - Iraq Honorary PHD in Architectural Design from the Jordan University of Science and Technology for his advancement of Architectural Theory and Practice Palestine Award for Architecture First Arab Architect Award, announced by the Arab Housing Ministers of the Arab League in Cairo - Egypt The Aga Khan Award for Architecture, received for the design of the Grand Mosque of Riyadh and redevelopment of Riyadh Old City Center Arab Architecture Award received in Morocco at the general conference of the Arab Towns Organization Winner of the Museum of Islamic Art international competition in Doha-Qatar, sponsored by Aga Khan - Geneva Office in cooperation with the government of Qatar Winner of Sidon Seafront development Competition in Lebanon Won the first prize in the international competition for the design of limited income housing sponsored by the Ministry of Housing in Bonn, West Germany "Al Hussein Medal for Distinguished Performance of the First Order" For his great distinguished efforts in enrichment of modern Islamic architecture "The Architecture of Rasem Badran: Narratives on People and Place", James Steele, Thames & Hudson, ISBN 0-500-34206-7, 2005啊啊 The Architecture of Rasem Badra Times & Hudson 2005 World Architecture Community company website

Bon Accord Free Church

Bon Accord Free Church is a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland in Aberdeen. A Bon Accord Free Church was created in the Disruption of 1843; the current building was designed in 1894 by the architect Robert Gordon Wilson on the site of the Union Baptist Chapel and opened in 1896. Following the Union of 1900 it became the Bon Accord United Free Church. From 1962 to 1974 it was Bon Accord St Paul's Church before reverting to Bon Accord Free Church in 1974. Over the years, Bon Accord has had a number of ministers, each making their own impact upon the Church. Throughout the years, the Church has maintained its commitment to the gospel and to a strong preaching ministry; the congregation has been in the Bon Accord building since it was bought in 1977. Before this, they used a building on Dee Street until the building became too small for them during the 1970s; the present building on Rosemount Viaduct seats around 700 people. As with all Free Churches there are two services on a Sunday, each service consists of 4 psalms, a Bible reading and a sermon as well as prayer.

Bon Accord Free Church Website Online Sermons preached at Bon Accord since 1973