Luan de Burgh

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Luan de Burgh
Luan de Burgh
Luan de Burgh
Nationality British[1]
Education King's College, University of London,[2] Central School of Speech and Drama, École Jacques Lecoq,[3] Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art
Occupation Public Speaker, Presentation and Communication Coach, Lecturer
Organization de Burgh Group

Luan de Burgh is the founder and head of the de Burgh Group, an organisation specialising in corporate training and bespoke conferences and seminars for professionals. A professional public speaker and presentation coach, Luan coaches politicians, lawyers and businesspeople in communication skills.


Luan has worked as a coach and lecturer for over ten years and previously as a voiceover artist, recording commercials, talking books,[4] audio descriptions, documentaries, language aids and film dubs for companies including the BBC, LBC, CBC and Visiontext. He is a regular contributor to the media.[5][6][7]

Luan's clients include DLA Piper, the BBC, UBS, Citigroup, BUPA, Shell UK, GSK, National Health Service, Aviva and the University of Surrey. He has also lectured at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Berlin University.


Luan regularly comments on TV, radio and in the press. He has appeared on the BBC discussing the voices of various politicians as well as commenting during the last general election on the leaders’ debate. He also commented on Tony Blair's performance at the Iraq enquiry on the BBC World Service. Articles by Luan have also appeared in The Guardian,[8][9] The Times, and The Lawyer[10] while he continues to analyse key public speeches via Twitter.


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