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Lucienne de Rochefort (1088 – died after 6 May 1137) was a French crown princess, the first wife of Louis VI of France from 1104 to 1107.


Lucienne de Rochefort was the daughter of Guy II of Rochefort, of the Montlhéry dynasty, and his second wife, Adelais de Crécy. In 1104, she married Louis, oldest son of King Philip I of France.[1] The marriage was arranged to strengthen the ties between the king and her father, who had been appointed seneschal of France. Lucienne and Louis were married for three years, but did not have any children together. According to Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis, who wrote a panegyric in honour of Louis (Vita Ludovici VI), the marriage was not consummated. The marriage was annulled by the Council of Troyes on the grounds of consanguinity 23 May 1107, a year before Louis became king. The reason for the annulment has been the subject of speculation. One theory is that queen Bertrade de Montfort wanted to weaken Louis in order to make her own son, Philip of Mantes, more likely for succession,[2] another was the rivalry of Lucienne's father with the Garlande family, who wished to weaken his position. After her marriage was annulled, Lucienne's father, Guy, and her brother Hugh of Crécy rebelled against Louis.[3]

According to Orderic Vitalis, Lucienne's second husband was Guichard III of Beaujeu (d.1138).[4]

Lucienne is last mentioned alive 6 May 1137.


With Guichard, Lucienne had the following children:[5]

  • Guichard
  • Gauthier
  • Baudouin of Beaujeu (died young)
  • Stephen?
  • Alix
  • Marie
  • an unnamed daughter, who married Guy I, count of Lyon Forez
  • Humbert III of Beaujeu (c.1120-1192), who married Adelaide, a daughter of Amadeus III, Count of Savoy[6]


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