Lucky 13

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Lucky 13
Directed by Chris Hall
Produced by Alan Kaplan
Chris Hall
Richard Cooper
Sasha Alexander (co-producer)
Joseph DePompeii (executive producer)
Peter Jay Klauser (executive producer)
Written by Ari Schlossberg
Chris Hall
Eric Swelstad (story)
Ira Heffler (story)
Starring Brad Hunt
Harland Williams
Lauren Graham
Sasha Alexander
Debra Jo Rupp
John Doe
Kaley Cuoco
Taryn Manning
Music by Hal Lindes
Herman Beeftink
Cinematography Michael Barrett
Distributed by MGM Home Entertainment
Release date
Running time
95 min.
Language English

Lucky 13 is a 2005 American romantic comedy film directed by Chris Hall and starring Brad Hunt, Harland Williams, Lauren Graham, Sasha Alexander, Debra Jo Rupp, John Doe, Kaley Cuoco and Taryn Manning.


This film is about Zach Baker (Hunt) and his quest to go back through his past experiences with women so he will have the perfect date with his lifelong friend, Abbey (Graham). Abbey would be the thirteenth women he has gone out with and he hopes she will be "Lucky 13". The story revolves around Zach asking each woman what he did wrong in their relationship, so as to not make the same mistakes with Abbey. A recurring gag involves Zach throwing objects, representing his past affairs, into a lake. During the course of the film, Zach makes changes to his appearance and demeanor, trying to emulate the advice he gets from his past girlfriends—most of which is contradictory. After much soul-searching, Zach decides to ask Abbey to marry him—a proposal that she turns down in order to move to New York City and pursue her dream of being an artist. Zach eventually comes to realize that his life in the Mid-West is not so bad and he gains a new appreciation for his family and friends.

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