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The Lucy Mackintosh gallery was a commercial contemporary art space located in Lausanne, Switzerland between 2004 and 2013.[1] It exhibited Swiss and international contemporary art and artists, the gallery also regularly invited designers to present their work.

View of the front of the Lucy Mackintosh Gallery


The Lucy Mackintosh gallery opened in Lausanne in 2004 in premises previously occupied by the EPFL architecture department, the architecture studio Jean-Gilles Décosterd & Philippe Rahm designed the exhibition space using the concept of the "white canvas" for the refurbishing of the gallery. Gallery Director Cyril Veillon said, "The architect's response to an existing space and the brief for a contemporary art gallery was to create territories using thermal distortions rather than partitions. Elaborate plumbing runs through the main space, whose temperature can be attenuated according to the gallery function. "[2]

In 2005, the gallery was featured in the Can Buildings Curate exhibition by Newbetter and the Architectural Association School of Architecture for its space design. The project closed its doors in 2013.[1]


Along with exhibitions of artists represented by the gallery, group shows and collaborative projects are presented with national institutions or independent curators.

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