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Ludovico Ottavio Burnacini (1636 – 12 December 1707) was an Italian architect and stage designer.[a] Born in Mantua, he studied architecture under his father Giovanni and followed him to Vienna in 1650. There he became the chief architect and stage designer to the court of Emperor Leopold I and his successor Joseph I, a position he held for the rest if his life. His principal architectural work was the new court theatre in Vienna inaugurated in 1668 and destroyed in 1683, but he was also involved in the extensive rebuilding and expansion of the Leopold's Laxenburg castles and in the reconstruction of buildings damaged during the Battle of Vienna as well as crearing the original designs for the Pestsäule monument. His work as a stage designer for the lavish entertainments at Leopold's court is preserved in numerous engravings.[1][2]

Stage and costume designs[edit]


  1. ^ Variant spellings of his surname are Bernecini, Bornacini, Bornatini, Bournacini, and Bornazini, with his first name sometimes spelled as Lodovico and his second given name sometimes given as Ottaviano.


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