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Ludwig Von Drake

Professor Ludwig Von Drake is one of Walt Disney's cartoon and comic book characters. He was first introduced on September 24, 1961, as the presenter in the cartoon An Adventure in Color, part of the first episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on NBC. Said to be an uncle of Donald Duck, he is described as a scientist, lecturer and world traveler; the character displayed his "expert" knowledge on a variety of subjects in eighteen episodes of the classic anthology series, as well as on a number of Disneyland Records. Paul Frees was the original voice of Ludwig Von Drake. After Frees retired from the role, the character was voiced by Walker Edmiston. Since 1987, he has been voiced by Corey Burton. Ludwig Von Drake comes from Vienna and has a fascination with knowledge. Since his youth he has been trying to obtain in any science, as possible; when he is consulted by other family members, it is a running gag that he invariably turns out to have a university degree relevant for whatever information they are seeking.

He is shown as having little social competence, is portrayed as being forgetful, sometimes somewhat senile. In the comics Ludwig visits with Donald Duck and Donald's nephews Huey and Louie. On occasion, Daisy Duck would coax the professor into giving lectures and tours for her ladies' club. Sometimes Ludwig and Gyro Gearloose have competed as to, the greater inventor, he can play acoustic guitar, as shown in a few television specials and more. In the Wonderful World of Color episode Kids is Kids, Ludwig states. In the Wonderful World of Color episode The Hunting Instinct, Walt Disney states Ludwig is Donald Duck's father's brother. According to Walt Disney, Donald decided to adopt his maternal surname, when he got into show business, that's the reason why he isn't popularly known as Donald Von Drake in comic stories Carl Barks established Donald's paternal surname as Duck, his father being son of Grandma Duck, his maternal one as McDuck, since he's son of Scrooge McDuck's younger sister, Hortense McDuck.

In the comic strips by the famous duo of comic artists Bob Karp and Al Taliaferro and his nephews call him'Uncle Ludwig', but in the comic stories he is called'Ludwig' or'Professor' by them. Daisy Duck refers to Ludwig as sort of an uncle of Donald in the first Sunday strip where his name is mentioned. In the story "Duckburg, U. S. A.", published in Ludwig Von Drake #1, Professor Ludwig Von Drake arrives in Duckburg by train, it is shown that Donald Duck had never seen this Austrian relative before, not in a picture. Grandma Duck, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck, Gladstone Gander, Huey and Louie, Gus Goose, Gyro Gearloose appear in this same story waiting to know Ludwig at the train station, Grandma enthusiastically exclaims, "Professor Ludwig Von Drake! Such a nice-sounding name!". According to an explanation created by Don Rosa's personal family tree, he would have to be married to Donald Duck's aunt, Matilda McDuck, making him Scrooge's brother-in-law. Ludwig exclaims in the Christmas story "The Cuckoo Clock Caper" that he and Scrooge are "joined in good fellowship".

Besides, he was shown as a member of the Absentminded Dating Club, being the suitor of another member of this same club in some old comic strips, a duck woman called Alice. Therefore, Ludwig's marital status is unmarried. In some old comic stories where Ludwig visits Grandma on her farm, it's clear that they have a close relationship, as shown in the story "Message From Space", where Grandma exclaims, "You need rest, dear boy!", after thinking he had a kind of nervous breakdown. In "Pigeon Panic" Ludwig exclaims, "Ho! You know you can depend on me!", after Grandma warned him to be careful with her smartest homer. There is an enlightening sequence of two panels in the story "The Rural Eggs-pert", where Ludwig is resting in an old chair of Grandma's house when an antique buyer asks Grandma to sell him "this fine old specimen" and she answers, "Well, it's been in the family for years, but I could do without it!", making Ludwig astonished, since he thinks she's referring to him as if he was a livestock.

He wouldn't have reacted this way. In the last panel of the story "Barn Dance Doctor", Grandma refers to Ludwig as her "cityfied cousin". Since it was stipulated by Don Rosa that her father was a Coot and her mother was a Gadwall, it's not clear if Ludwig Von Drake is related to Elvira Coot through her father or her mother. Elvira could have an Austrian ascendancy to explain her kinship to Ludwig. In the story "The Family Tree Spree", Donald scares of seeing Ludwig's specs on the floor and thinks about them as "Uncle Ludwig's specs". In the end of this same story, it's revealed that Ludwig appears in Donald's paternal family tree, wherein he and Donald both have an ancestor called Colombust Duck. Since Humperdink Duck, Grandma Duck's deceased husband, was almost contemporary with Ludwig Von Drake, it's possible to consider they were half-brothers, Donald being thus Ludwig's grandnephew. Ludwig reveals to Daisy and her friends in "Blown Up Genius" that he came from a long line of glass blowers.

In "Winning Ways", Daisy and her friends try to prepare Ludwig's favorite dish, called Wiener Schnitzel a la Weltschmerz, whose recipe belonged to Ludwig's great grandmother. Ludwig is excited about it because he has not eaten that dish since he left Austria and came to Duckburg to know his relatives of Donald's paternal family. In "The Big Payoff", it's revealed that he spent many months living in Donald's house since his

Star Trek: Starfleet Command

Star Trek: Starfleet Command is a computer game based on the table-top wargame Star Fleet Battles. It was published by Interplay Entertainment, it was released on August 1999 for the Microsoft Windows. It simulates starship operations, ship-to-ship combat, fleet warfare in the Star Trek universe. An expanded version was released in 2000 titled Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Gold Edition, it includes all the missions that were downloadable from the official website. Gameplay consists of maneuvering one's ship to approach enemy ships and assault them in the areas where various systems and ship's shields are vulnerable, it consists of achieving various other objectives specified in mission assignment, which are provided at the beginning of each scenario. Depending on the specific assignment, this can include interacting with various ships, planetary bodies, other objects in space. Though the game has no central story-mode campaign, players may play as a member of one of six stellar powers, each one having at least one elite organization that, when joined, will trigger special missions that tell various stories.

Though having unique stories, each race's special missions all contribute expository information on the fate of a race known as the Organians and the effect that their departure from known space has since caused. John Lee reviewed the PC version of the game for Next Generation, rating it four stars out of five, stated that "Give us more power, Scotty; this one's a keeper."The game received "favorable" reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings. According to Erik Bethke, sales of Starfleet Command surpassed 350,000 copies after a year on shelves "without counting the Gold Edition and the Neutral Zone expansion." It was Interplay's best-selling game above Baldur's Gate. The editors of Computer Games Strategy Plus nominated Starfleet Command for their 1999 "Real-Time Strategy Game of the Year" award, which went to Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, they wrote that Starfleet Command "avoided the curse of the Star Trek game and produced a game of remarkable depth coupled with simple mechanics."In 2016, Tom's Guide ranked Starfleet Command as one of the top ten Star Trek games.

In 2017, PC Gamer ranked Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force among the best Star Trek games. Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates Star Trek: Starfleet Command II: Empires at War Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Star Trek: Starfleet Command at Memory Alpha Star Trek: Starfleet Command at MobyGames

Angelo Spinillo

Angelo Spinillo is an Italian bishop. He obtained a license in prophetic pastoral theology at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy. On July 15, 1978 he was ordained priest by the bishop Umberto Altomare. On 18 March 2000, he was elected bishop of Teggiano-Policastro. On May 13 of the same year, he received the episcopal consecration from Cardinal Michele Giordano, he is a member of the Episcopal Commission for Life. In 2006, he closed the diocesan synod with the theme "I called you friends". On 5 June 2007, the diocesan museum of Teggiano reopened after a long closing period. In the same year, at the conclusion of the 18th diocesan pastoral convention, on 19 September 2007, the diocesan beatification process was opened for its predecessor Federico Pezzullo, bishop of Policastro. In 2009, he founded the diocesan magazine Mete magazine. In the same year he defended the work of two priests of his diocese who came into conflict with their parishioners: Don Pasquale Pellegrino, from Torre Orsaia, unjustly accused of being the lover of local women, Don Gianni Citro Lentiscosa in shock for the management of a village party with his parishioners who wanted to remove him after his registration with the PD Italian party.

The bishop reminds Fr Gianni Citro that canon law limits the possibilities of political commitment of priests. On 15 January 2011, he was elected bishop of Aversa, succeeding the archbishop, personal title, Mario Milano. On May 22, 2012, he was elected, from the 64th General Assembly, vice president, for the south, of the Italian Episcopal Conference, remaining in office for five years. On January 3, 2013, he was awarded the honorary citizenship of Monte San Giacomo, a small town in the province of Salerno where he had been parish priest from 1983 to 1991. Since September of the same year, he held the office of apostolic administrator of Caserta until 18 May 2014

CA Câmpulung Moldovenesc

CA Câmpulung Moldovenesc was a football club based in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Suceava County, Romania. It was founded in 1948 and dissolved in 1953; the club was founded in the summer of 1948 with initial headquarters at Iaşi under the name of CS Armata. It began finishing tenth at the end of the 1948 -- 49 season. In the summer of 1949 the club played a play-off for promotion to the Second League against CFR Iaşi, but lost 1–1, 2–3 on aggregate; the team used in the first year of existence: Szoboszlay – Luca, Găvan, Iordan – C. Mihai, Buimistruc – Mureşan, Popay, M. Ionescu, Rubiş; the following season, 1950, CSA was promoted to the Second League, using the following 11 players in the play-off: C. Toma – Dan, Plujar, Töröcsik, Costea, Butnaru, Săvuţ, Rubiş. In 1951 the club were promoted to the First League. Coach Eugen Mladin used the following players: Tr. Popa, Zarici, C. Toma – Maiogan, Dobrescu, Dobay, Duşan – Onisie, Grozea, Sterescu – Geamănu, Gârleanu I, Gârleanu II, Morar, Pálfi, Ursu. In the First League, now coached by Francisc Rónnay, the club finished third in 1952 and finished the 1953 season 1st.

In the second part of the 1953 season, the team was disbanded. Some of the players were moved to the rest to the other Divizia A teams. In its short First League experience, the club had a number of players: C Toma, Birtaşu, Rodeanu, Topşa, Duşan, Onisie, Cojereanu, Gârleanu I, A. Pârvu, Fusulan, I. Alecsandrescu, Bădeanţu, L. Vlad, Motronea. Liga I: Winners:, Best finish: 3rd 1952Liga II: Winners: 1951

Olivier Boumal

Olivier Boumal is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder as well as the Cameroon national football team. Boumal began his career with George Fominyen FC before moving to Europe in 2005 signing with CFF Paris. After one year with the team from Paris he joined the reserve team of AS Saint-Étienne. In January 2010, he signed a 2.5-year contract with Superleague club Panetolikos, after a successful trial. He played for Levadiakos and Iraklis Psachna. In summer 2014, Boumal signed a two-year contract to Panionios for an undisclosed fee. At the end of 2014–15 season, he was linked with a move to Turkish club Mersin İdmanyurdu. On 23 December 2015, Boumal joined Panathinaikos on a 2.5-year contract for a reported transfer fee of €400,000 plus one Panathinaikos player Christos Donis, Kostas Triantafyllopoulos and Diamantis Chouchoumis. On 11 January 2016, he made his club debut by having an appearance along with a late goal, helping his club to a 2–0 win against Kalloni. On 31 January 2016, on a victorious 3–2 away win against Platanias, Boumal broke his collarbone and will have a surgery.

The 26-year-old midfielder will remain out of action for 4–6 weeks. On 6 July 2017, Boumal signed 1.5-season contract with Chinese Super League club Liaoning Whowin for a €2.2 million fee, leaving Panathinaikos after 18 months. On 14 February 2019, he returned to Panionios on a free transfer. Boumal played for the Cameroon national under-20 football team the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup. On 29 May 2017, Olivier Bumal was included for the first time in Cameroon's squad for Morocco on 10 June for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers and the Confederations Cup to be held from 17 June to 2 July in Russia. Cameroon will participate in the second group with Chile and Germany, representing Africa. On 10 June 2017, he made his international debut as a late substitute in a 1–0 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers win against Morocco. PanetolikosBeta Ethniki: 2010–11 Olivier Boumal – FIFA competition record Olivier Boumal at Olivier Boumal at Soccerway Olivier Boumal at J.

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Ten Thousand Fists

Ten Thousand Fists is the third studio album by American heavy metal band Disturbed. It was released on September 20, 2005 and became Disturbed's second consecutive number 1 debut on the Billboard 200 in the United States, shipping around 239,000 copies in its opening week, it has been certified Platinum by the RIAA and was the band's second number 1 release in New Zealand. It is the first Disturbed album to not have the Parental Advisory label. Ten Thousand Fists marks the first album with bassist John Moyer who replaced Steve Kmak following his dismissal in 2003. However, Moyer was considered a session musician during the time of recording, only became a full-time member during the tour supporting the album, it would be the band's third and final collaboration with mainstay producer Johnny K. In addition, Ten Thousand Fists is the first album to feature their now-infamous mascot "The Guy" on the cover. Ten Thousand Fists is, as of 2010, Disturbed's second highest selling album in the United States, with sales of around 1.9 million copies.

The Sickness, the band's debut CD, has shifted sales of 4.2 million copies in the United States. The album was dedicated to Dimebag Darrell, murdered the year before the album's release; the album features several styles, including alternative metal, nu metal, hard rock, speed metal. On June 16, 2005 the album title was announced via the Disturbed website; that month, the album track listing was revealed. The song "Guarded" was released to radio stations in late June 2005 as a teaser. Vocalist David Draiman said the motive behind releasing, he said, " was put out there to just whet everybody's appetite. It's one of the more aggressive tracks on the record, just to remind everybody where we came from and who we are."The first single, "Stricken", was released on July 25, 2005. On August 19, 2005 the music video "Stricken", directed by Nathan Cox, was posted on the Warner Bros. Records website; the music video was filmed in an abandoned hospital, in the same location where some scenes from the 1984 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street were filmed.

In early August 2005, viral marketing was used to promote Ten Thousand Fists. A piece of software was sent via e-mail to certain recipients, who passed it along to other recipients; when the software was passed along to at least 250,000 recipients, it unlocked the song "Ten Thousand Fists". In early July 2006, the third single, "Land of Confusion", was released, alongside an animated music video directed by Todd McFarlane. Vocalist David Draiman said that Ten Thousand Fists "seems to fuse the brutality and darkness of The Sickness with the added melodic nature and complexity of Believe. It's more aggressive than the last record, at times, more aggressive than the first one." The song "Overburdened" is about soldiers going to Hell. Draiman said, he said the song "reflects what choosing this life forces certain people to do in a certain way — you have to remain guarded on a certain level." Draiman said the song "Ten Thousand Fists" is meant to " strength, conviction and the exhilaration that you feel when you get to see that at one of our shows."

Draiman continued to say, "It's one of my favorite moments, people know that I have an affinity for asking people to put their fists in the air, it's just, it's exhilaration to be able to see ten thousand raised fists or more." According to band members, while Ten Thousand Fists was not written as a political album, it was their most political record to date. Vocalist David Draiman's lyrics for the title song, "Ten Thousand Fists", were influenced by his feelings towards American president George W. Bush, several of the songs included war/anti-war themes, including "Deify", for which the intro features audio clips of Bush urging the nation to push forward in war, interlaced with an individual's political commentary, while the video for "Land of Confusion" depicts big business and capitalism as being a corrupting Nazi-style enemy being overthrown by an army of the people led by The Guy, the band's mascot. Ten Thousand Fists earned mixed reviews from critics. Allmusic reviewer Johnny Loftus gave the album a positive review.

The Village Voice's reviewer Phil Freeman gave the album a positive review, "The guitarist and drummer are an airtight team, the session bassist capably underpins the guitar solos that are a welcome new addition to the band's sound. Program out the cover of'Land of Confusion' and you've got the best mainstream metal release since Judas Priest's Angel of Retribution." NME gave it a 1/10 review describing it as "unfocused rage" and "you'll find nothing more despicable this year". The UK and Tour editions of the album both featured four bonus tracks: "Monster", "Two Worlds", "Hell", "Sickened", the first of, included as an iTunes bonus track. All four songs are included in the band's b-side compilation, The Lost Children. All tracks are written by Disturbed, except "Land of Confusion", written by Genesis. Disturbed David Draiman – vocals Dan Donegan – guitar, electronics Mike Wengrendrums, percussionSession member John Moyerbass guitar, backing vocalsProduction Johnny K – producer Disturbed – producer, art direction Ben Grosse – mixing Paul Pavao – mixing assistant Ted Jensenmastering Aiden Mullen – guitar technician Jeff Aldrich – A&R Ellen Wakayama – art