Ludwik Michał Pac

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Ludwik Michał Pac
Gérard Ludwik Michał Pac.png
portrait by François Gérard
Coat of arms Gozdawa
Born (1778-05-19)May 19, 1778
Strasbourg, France
Died August 6, 1835(1835-08-06) (aged 57)
Smyrna, Turkey
Noble family Pac
Spouse(s) Karolina Malachowska
Ludwina "Luisa" Pac-Malachowska
Father Michael Pac
Mother Ludwika Tyzenhauz

Ludwik Michał Pac (May 19, 1778 – August 6, 1835) was a Polish general in the Napoleonic army (1808–1814). His parents were Michał Józef Pac and Ludwika Tyzenhaus.

Later, he became a senator in Congress Poland from 1825 and became a member of an influential noble family in Russian-ruled Poland. He took an active part in the November Uprising and was wounded in battle in May 1831. After the failure of the uprising he returned to France.

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