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GenresHeavy metal, hard rock
Years active1982-1990, 1993-1997, 2004-2006, 2012-present
LabelsSony Music, Warner Music
  • Raul Fernandez Greñas - Guitars
  • Humberto Vazquez - Bass
  • Mike Glez - Vocals
  • Jorge Curiel - Drums

Luzbel is a heavy metal band from Mexico, founded in 1982 by Raul Fernandez Greñas (lead guitar), Antonio "la Rana" Morante (bass guitar), Jorge Cabrera (vocals), Hugo Tames (drums) and Fernando Landeros (guitar). They were signed to Warner Music in 1985. Luzbel is best known during the 1980s and 1990s for songs like Holocauto, 2pm ,'Por piedad, La Gran Ciudad, Pasaporte Al Infierno, Paradoxa, Juegos De Pasion, Utopia, Souvenir, Plegaria De Un Loco, Te Posereé, El Tiempo De Odio, Del Infierno, El Errante El Loco, and the metalhead hymn Advertencia.



Their first demo, called El Comienzo,[1] included songs from Raul Greñas' previous band, Red. Guitarist Raúl Fernández founded this band in England and it had a hard rock-influenced Motörhead style and a little peer voice of Ian Gillan; the songs would be published until 1995 including songs with Jorge Cabrera on vocals, LP, tape, and then CD officially in projecting releases such as Father's son, La Magia Está En El Aire and Holocausto.

1985 - 1987[edit]

In 1985, as part of the birth of Comrock subsidiary of WEA label Warner Music now, Luzbel is chosen among other groups to record their first official material, the acclaimed EP Metal Caído Del Cielo;[2] the guitar work was simply outstanding and characteristic of a musician of the highest caliber. Raúl immediately established a fan base. Singer Arturo Huizar did a good job and Mexicans had an awesome metal band to bang to for a generation.

Pasaporte al inferno was recorded early in 1986; the lineup included Alejandro Vasquez on drums. The classics Pasaporte al infierno, Por Piedad, and Hijos Del Metal were inscribed in the annals of rock and roll history and to this day continue are some of Luzbel's best work.


In 1987 the unexpected happened and Huizar left the band due to health issues, a minor throat problem, he was replaced by Juan Bolaños and a third album simply called Luzbel was the result. This would be the last album for the band under the Warner Music label. Luzbel takes on more fierce themes in the lyrics for the album. Bolaños' wider voce range, attitude, a more wile[clarification needed] look contribute a new lyrical style and the band expanded its fan base.

In 1990, with Hugo Tamez on drums and Francisco Yescas on second guitar, Luzbel recorded the album "Again?!" under an indie label. Luzbel focuses on attracting a wider market and along with the new songs, they record a cover of the Beatles "For No one." Bolaños brought powerful lyrics to the mix and it included one of Luzbel's greatest ballads, "souvenir"; however reception was cool among its hardcore followers and the distribution of this record was somewhat limited.

La rebelion de los desgraciados[edit]

In 1994, Huizar joins Luzbel again and adds Coda bass player Zito Martinez; this formation yielded the album "La Rebelión De Los Desgraciados" which was produced with Sony music. This album contained the singles: "Generacion Pasiva", "Contrato Suicida" and "Resucitando El Sentido", they were eventually republished under the label "Denver" with a new cover. The combination Huizar/Greñas met very high expectations from Luzbel followers, however, the record was very different from the early Luzbel style and found itself facing, as many other hard rock and metal bands did, an era dominated by grunge and alternative rock.

Luzbel's last public appearance was in a late night television talk show hosted by Victor Trujillo (also known as Brozo). Raúl Fernández Greñas announced Luzbel was on a hiatus to explore new musical adventures. Luzbel's last period work would appear on the market under in the form of a compilation called "The Best of Luzbel" (1998) with new remasters of the three albums made during its times under Warner Music.

2000 - 2006[edit]

In 2000 several Mexican heavy metal bands decided to record an album in tribute to Luzbel with bands like Agora, the Garrobos, Calvaria, and Anabantha

In 2004 the band was reformed under the name "Luzbel", with Juan Bolaños on vocals, guitar Raul Greñas, Paco Rock on second guitar, Armando "Magnus " Boland on drums and Daniel Kano on bass. for a small period of activity of the original band luzbel.

And in 2006 they released a double live album called: Otra vez en Vivo Desde El Infierno!!!, by fans from the famous Mexico City "Tianguis Cultural Chopo" made of mostly bootlegs.

Revival 2012[edit]

Raul Greñas announced on their official Facebook page "Luzbel Official Mexico" the kickoff of a new tour for 2013 with a new line up and album. There is a free download for Kirieleison under the new lineup, which includes:

  • Raul Fernandez Greñas: Guitars
  • Mike de la Rosa: (former) Singer
  • Vic Mata y Nava: Bass
  • Jorge Curiel: Drums

The first presentation of this revival was in February 28, 2013 at the Teatro Aldama in Mexico City and began a tour of different cities in Mexico, they had a well-received TV presentation in the show Animal Nocturno on Friday August 9, 2013. The word on the street is: Luzbel is back in force.

Official release of a new singer for 2018 onwards[edit]

On December the 1st, 2017, Luzbel announced in their facebook page that Mike de La Rosa departed from the band in amicable terms; the singer slot is now filled by hard rock veteran vocalist Mike Gonzalez (Aiam, Erogena, Cisma), with whom they record a new album at La Rocka Producciones Studios in Mexico City in 2018. The production has been done in the format of an EP, to be released in 2019. Details will be published in the official Luzbel facebook page.

EP “El Retorno a la Obscuridad” release - 2019[edit]

The band released their EP on September the 10th in both digital and physical formats; the pre-album contains 4 themes, all made, captured and pre-mixed in México City at La Rocka Producciones studios. Prior to the mastering, the band and their management decided to contact Dan Swanö in order to mix and master the tracks; the tracks from Unisound were delivered sooner than expected, with positive feedback from the famous mix engineer. The band has stated that there will be an extension to a LP (long play), which is currently under development.


Current line-up:

  • Raúl Greñas - Guitars
  • Mike Gonzalez - Singer
  • Humberto Vazquez - Bass
  • Jorge Curiel - Drums

Previous line-up:

  • Juan Bolaños - Vocals
  • Raúl Greñas - Guitars
  • Paco "Rock" - Guitars
  • Daniel Kano - Bass
  • Armando "Magnvz" Bolaños - Drums

Past members[edit]

  • Juan Bolaños - Vocals
  • Guillermo Herrejon - firts Vocals 1983
  • Jorge Cabrera - Vocals 1984
  • Arturo Huizar - Vocals (Lvzbel, Raxas (Mex), Transmetal, Huizar, Ultratumba (Mex))
  • Mike De la Rosa - Vocals
  • Hugo Tamez - Drums
  • Vic Nava y Mata - Bass
  • Fernando Laderos - Guitars
  • Paco Yescas - Guitars
  • Zito Martínez - Bass
  • Antonio "La Rana" Moranter - Bass
  • Daniel Kano - Bass
  • Alejandro Vázquez - Drums
  • Sergio Lopez - Drums
  • Fernando Landeros - Guitar
  • Hugo Tamés - Drums
  • Armando "Magnus" Bolaños - Drums
  • Humberto H Medina - guitar
  • Paco Rock - guitar
  • Andremar Mallet - Bass


  • Whisper Of Death (Demo 1983)
  • Luzbel (Single 1985 Comrock)
  • Metal Caído del Cielo (EP 1985 Comrock - WEA)
  • Pasaporte al Infierno (1986 Comrock - WEA)
  • Luzbel (1989 WEA)
  • ¡¿Otra vez?! (1989 Discos Sanchez)
  • La Rebelión de los Desgraciados (1994 Sony Music)
  • El Comienzo (1997 Discos Denver)
  • Anthologia Perdida I (Compilation 1998 Discos Phoenix)
  • Anthologia Perdida II (Compilation 1998 Discos Phoenix)
  • Lo Mejor de Luzbel (Compilation 1998 Warner Music)
  • Regreso Al Origen (2013 Ceiba Records)
  • El Tiempo De Odio (2017 Sade Records)
  • Vivo En el Vive (2017 Jorge Curiel Productions)
  • La Gran Ciudad / El Errante (2018 Luzbel Records)
  • El Retorno a la Obscuridad (2019)

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