Lya Luft

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Lya Luft
Lya Luft.jpg
Lya Fett

(1938-09-15) September 15, 1938 (age 80)
OccupationWriter, prolific translator
Spouse(s)Celso Luft (1963-1985, 1992-1995)
Hélio Pellegrino (1985-1988)

Lya Fett Luft (born September 15, 1938) is a Brazilian writer and a prolific translator, working mostly in the English-Portuguese and the German-Portuguese language combinations.


She was also a college professor of linguistics and literature. Luft currently writes an opinion column for Veja magazine. Since her youth she has been living in Porto Alegre.

Luft's hometown, Santa Cruz do Sul is peculiar because it was largely settled by German-speaking immigrants, starting in the first half of the 19th century; the city still has a notable percentage of the population who speaks both German and Portuguese. Lya Luft grew up in such a bilingual environment.

Lya Luft's works have been translated into other European languages, like German, English and Italian, etc.

The English translation by Michael Wolfers of Losses and Gains (Perdas e Ganhos) was published for the first time in the UK by Vermilion in June 2007.


Works she produced in Portuguese:

  • Canções de Limiar, 1964
  • Flauta Doce, 1972
  • Matéria do Cotidiano, 1978
  • As Parceiras, 1980
  • A Asa Esquerda do Anjo, 1981
  • Reunião de Família, 1982
  • O Quarto Fechado, 1984
  • Mulher no Palco, 1984
  • Exílio, 1987
  • O Lado Fatal, 1989
  • O Rio do Meio, 1996
  • Secreta Mirada, 1997
  • O Ponto Cego, 1999
  • Histórias do Tempo, 2000
  • Mar de dentro, 2000
  • Perdas e Ganhos, 2003
  • Histórias de Bruxa Boa, 2004
  • Pensar é Transgredir, 2004
  • Para não Dizer Adeus, 2005

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