Lycopodiella cernua

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Lycopodiella cernua
Lycopodium plant.jpg

Secure (NatureServe)
Scientific classification e
Division: Lycopodiophyta
Class: Lycopodiopsida
Order: Lycopodiales
Family: Lycopodiaceae
Genus: Lycopodiella
Species: L. cernua
Binomial name
Lycopodiella cernua
(L.) Pic. Serm.
  • Lepidotis cernua (L.) P. Beauv.
  • Lycopodium boryanum A. Rich.
  • Lycopodium cernuum L.
  • Lycopodium heeschii Müll. Hal.

Lycopodiella cernua is a plant in the family Lycopodiaceae commonly known as the staghorn clubmoss.[1] The Hawaiian name for the plant is wāwaeʻiole, or "rat's foot".

This species has one of the widest distributions within the family, being known from most tropical areas. It favors bog environments.

Lycopodiella cernua is sometimes cultivated.


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