Lysiosquillina maculata

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Lysiosquillina maculata
Lysiosquilla maculata ps1.jpg
Scientific classification
L. maculata
Binomial name
Lysiosquillina maculata
(Fabricius, 1793) [1]

Lysiosquillina maculata, the zebra mantis shrimp, striped mantis shrimp or razor mantis, is a species of mantis shrimp found across the Indo-Pacific region from East Africa to the Galápagos and Hawaiian Islands.[2] At a length up to 40 cm, L. maculata is the largest mantis shrimp in the world.[2] L. maculata may be distinguished from its congener L. sulcata by the greater number of teeth on the last segment of its raptorial claw, and by the colouration of the uropodal endopod, the distal half of which is dark in L. maculata but not in L. sulcata.[3] A small artisanal fishery exists for this species.[3]


In Prague sea aquarium

Like most mantis shrimp, they are opportunistic feeders and will take small fish and malacostracans.[2]

Hunting strategies[edit]

There are two types of mantis shrimp, one that uses a spear-like appendage and one that smashes prey.[4] The zebra mantis shrimp is an example of a spearer, ambushing passing prey with a slashing motion. Breeding pairs typically share a burrow, with the male using his larger raptorial appendages to do the majority of the hunting.[2]


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