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Origin Orange County, California, United States
Years active 2000-2012
Labels Warner Bros., Hopeless, Subcity
Associated acts Suburban Legends, The Service
Members Ricky Sans
Chris Cron
Ryan Malloy
Derek Lee Rock
Past members Mike Nader
Israel Villanueva
Michael Amico

Mêlée is an American rock band from Orange County in California. Formed in 2000, the band consists of Ricky Sans, Chris Cron, Ryan Malloy and Derek Lee Rock. The group released their debut album Everyday Behavior under Los Angeles-based independent label Subcity Records in 2004.[1] In 2006, they were signed with major record label Warner Bros. Records, and subsequently, in 2007 made their major record label debut Devils & Angels.[2] In 2010, they released their follow up album on Warner titled The Masquerade, released in Japan and digitally in North America.[3]


Devils and Angels[edit]

The first single, "Built to Last" had international radio success. Peaking at No. 8 in Austria; No. 4 in Belgium; No. 75 in Czech Republic; No. 58 in Denmark; No. 6 in Finland; No. 2 in Germany; No. 29 in Ireland; No. 2 in Netherlands; No. 13 in Norway; No. 54 in Sweden; No. 7 in Switzerland; No. 16 in UK; No. 1 in Japan; No. 2 in Indonesia; No. 12 in Thailand.

"Imitation", the follow up single had international radio success as well. Peaking at No. 21 in Belgium; No. 43 in Switzerland; No. 10 in Singapore; No. 47 in Netherlands. "Can't Hold On", the third single charted at No. 97 in Netherlands.

"Biggest Mistake" is featured in the trailer for Disney animated movie, Tangled in 2010.[4] "Stand Up" is featured on the soundtrack for the film Sydney White starring Amanda Bynes 2007.[5] Melee appeared in Where Music Meets Film, a one-hour TV special of the three night live music event at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, that aired on Fuse in 2008.[6]

The Masquerade[edit]

The single "On The Movie Screen" reached No. 3 on The J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 radio chart.[7]

"The Ballad of You and I" was the iTunes Store free single download of the week on October 5, 2010.[8] "The Ballad of You and I" was featured in promotion ads for NBC The Biggest Loser December, 2010[9]


  • Chris Cron (vocals, keyboard, guitar)
  • Ricky Sans (guitar, vocals)
  • Ryan Malloy (bass, vocals)
  • Derek Lee Rock (drums)
Former members
  • Mike Nader (drums)
  • Israel Villanueva (drums, vocals)
  • Michael Amico (drums)
  • Lina Simpson (keyboard, vocals)

After breakup[edit]

Band member Chris Cron appeared in the auditions of season 11 of the American edition of The Voice singing "Never Tear Us Apart from INXS, but failed to turn the chair of any of the four judges Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton. After the performance, he talked about the success of Mêlée internationally, particularly in Japan and his circumstances after the break up of the band.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Title Chart Positions
2004 Everyday Behavior
2007 Devils & Angels 86 81 18[10] 26 96 61[11]
2010 The Masquerade 35[10]

Extended Plays (EPs)[edit]

2000 – An Existential Guide To Love
2001 – Transmission
2002 – Mêlée
2003 – Against the Tide



Year Single Peak positions Album

2007 "Built to Last" 45 30 40 14 36 Devils & Angels


Year Title Album
2001 "Francesca" Transmission (EP)
2004 "The War" Everyday Behavior
2007 "Can't Hold On" Devils & Angels
"Built to Last"
2008 "Frequently Baby (She's a Teenage Maniac)"
2010 "On The Movie Screen" The Masquerade
"The Ballad of You And I"
"Teo Toriatte"


Music videos[edit]

Melee released several self-made videos for their single "Built to Last" prior to the recording of the official video, produced by the Malloys. All of the videos can be seen on their Youtube page.


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