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Berlin Müggelberge Panorama.jpg
View from the Müggel Tower looking east along the Müggelberge
Highest point
Peak Großer Müggelberg
Elevation 114.7 m above NHN
Müggelberge is located in Berlin
State Berlin,  Germany
Range coordinates 52°24′58″N 13°38′00″E / 52.41611°N 13.63333°E / 52.41611; 13.63333Coordinates: 52°24′58″N 13°38′00″E / 52.41611°N 13.63333°E / 52.41611; 13.63333
Orogeny Terminal moraine
Age of rock Weichselian glaciation (about 20,000 years ago)
Type of rock Glacial meltwater sand, occasional till

The Müggelberge (also formerly called the Müggelsberge) are a wooded line of hills with heights up to 114.7 m above sea level (NHN)[1] in the southeast of Berlin's Treptow-Köpenick quarter. They are dominated by the Kleiner Müggelberg (88.3 m) and Großer Müggelberg (114.7 m). The Müggelberge cover an area of around seven square kilometres. The ridge was formed during the ice age.

View from Friedrichshagen

A viewing tower called the Müggelturm has been erected on the hills with a view of the Müggelsee and the Berlin-Müggelberge TV Tower.

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