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Studio album by M83
Released 18 April 2001
Recorded Echotone, Autumn 2000; "Slowly" recorded Winter 2002
Length 66:22
70:23 (2005 remastered)
Label Gooom
  • M83
  • Morgan Daguenet
M83 chronology
Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
(2003)Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts2003
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3.5/5 stars[1]

M83 is the debut studio album by French electropop band M83, released on 18 April 2001 on Gooom. The album was reissued on 6 September 2005 on Mute Records for its North American release, and is thus sometimes referred to as 0905.

Produced by both M83 and Morgan Daguenet, the album is predominately instrumental, with dialogue samples from various films and television programmes appearing across the songs. The track titles, if read sequentially, form a short story.

Background and recording[edit]

Recorded as a duo by founding members, Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau, the album was recorded at Echotone, in the Autumn of 2000, with co-producer Morgan Daguenet. The track "Slowly", included on the album's 2005 reissue, was recorded two years later at the same location.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by M83.

1."Last Saturday"0:58
2."Night"5:47 (4:44 on 2005 reissue)
3."At the Party"1:01
6."Facing That"7:35
7."Violet Tree"4:53
8."Staring at Me"1:37
9."I'm Getting Closer"5:19
10."She Stands Up"5:42
12."Slowly" (bonus track on 2005 reissue only)4:58
13."My Face"1:39
14."I'm Happy, She Said" (ends at 10:10; contains a hidden track at 15:10)17:52
Total length:66:22
70:23 (2005 reissue)


  • The first few seconds of "Violet Tree" features a sample of audio from episode two of Serial Experiments Lain. A few seconds of opening dialogue from the same episode can be heard at the beginning of "Carresses".
  • The sampled dialog in "Facing That" comes from the film It Conquered the World.
  • The sampled dialog at the beginning of "I'm Getting Closer" is from the film I Was a Teenage Werewolf.
  • The sampled dialog in "I'm Getting Closer" is from the film Buffalo '66 and is played in reverse.
  • The sampled dialog in "Carresses" comes from the film Mark of the Vampire.
  • The sampled dialog in "She Stands Up" comes from the film Paris, Texas.
  • Original copies of the album contain a version of "Night" that samples German dialog from the film Nosferatu the Vampyre. The version on the 2005 Mute re-release does not feature the sample and thus is slightly over a minute shorter.
  • On the last track, at 15:10, there is a hidden track, which consists of several minutes of static followed by an outro.
  • Track names can be read in order, describing an event at a party.



  • Anthony Gonzalez
  • Nicolas Fromageau

Recording personnel

  • M83 − production, mixing
  • Morgan Daguenet − production, mixing


  • Stylophone − design