Juan de Ponte

Juan de Ponte was interim Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico, from 5 January 1888 to 4 April 1888. De Ponte had been harbormaster at the Port of Ponce and was one of a group of citizens who labored extensively to bring a water pipeline from the Acueducto de Ponce in the city proper to serve the needs for potable water at Barrio Playa, he was recruited to serve as mayor from his work as a harbourmaster at the Port of Ponce. His mayoral tenure was from 5 January to 4 April 1988—a short 90 days, he was named provisional mayor of Ponce. Nothing significant occurred during his 3-month stay as mayor. Upon De Ponte presenting his resignation, the Municipal Council presented three names for his replacement: Juan Seix, Luis Gautier, Santiago Oppenheimer. List of Puerto Ricans List of mayors of Puerto Rico Ramon Marin. Las Fiestas Populares de Ponce. Editorial Universidad de Puerto Rico. 1994. Fay Fowlie de Flores. Ponce, Perla del Sur: Una Bibliografía Anotada. Second Edition. 1997. Ponce, Puerto Rico: Universidad de Puerto Rico en Ponce.

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Brian J. Dunn

Brian J. Dunn is an American businessman, the chief executive officer of Best Buy, from April 2009 to April 2012, having worked there since 1985, he has been on the board of directors of Dick's Sporting Goods since June 2006 and on the board of directors of the Best Buy Children's Foundation. Dunn did not attend college, he began at Best Buy. Dunn's mother, was an accountant at Best Buy. In 1989, Dunn in 1990 a district manager in Minnesota, he was promoted to regional manager for Ohio and Philadelphia stores in 1996, in May, 1998, rose to regional vice president of the northeastern region, leading Best Buy’s entry into that market. In March 2000, he was promoted to senior vice president of division 3 retail sales, encompassing all of Best Buy’s east coast operations, he was named executive vice president of U. S. retail in 2002, president of North America retail in December 2004. He rose to chief executive officer, replacing Brad Anderson on June 24, 2009. Dunn resigned abruptly on April 10, 2012