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M is the thirteenth letter of the modern Latin alphabet.

M may also refer to:

In companies and products[edit]

In numbers and units of measurement[edit]

In postal codes[edit]

  • M, the postal code letter for Toronto in Canada
  • M postcode area, a group of several postcode districts in Greater Manchester

In science and technology[edit]

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Video games[edit]



  • M (band), a British techno-pop project of the artist Robin Scott
  • -M-, the stage name of French singer Matthieu Chedid
  • M People, 1990s band
  • M, the stage name of Korean singer Lee Min-woo
  • M, the stage name of American singer and performance artist Mem Nahadr



In other uses[edit]

  • M Resort, a hotel-casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
  • M-Source, a hypothetical source document for the Gospel of Matthew
  • Baby M, subject of a famous child custody battle
  • m, the IPA symbol for a bilabial nasal sound
  • М, a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet
  • M-ratio, a measure of the health of a player's chip stack in poker
  • \m/, a common way of typing corna or devil's horns
  • 'm, contraction of am, part of the English copular verb to be
  • M, the symbol for the old German currency German gold mark
  • m, the masculine grammatical gender
  • m or M, the male gender
  • M., the abbreviation for Monsieur
  • M., the regnal year abbreviation for Mary I of England following her marriage to Philip II of Spain
  • m., married
  • m. or man., an abbreviation for the Azerbaijani manat (currency)
  • 𝕸, the Masoretic Text, the authoritative Hebrew text of the Tanakh

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