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McNamara MacNamara
Mac Con Mara
Armorial of MacNamara
Parent house Dál gCais
Country Kingdom of Thomond
Ethnicity Irish
Founder Cú Mara mac Domhnall
Cadet branches McInerney
MacNamara Fionn

Mac Conmara (anglicised as MacNamara or McNamara) is an Irish surname of a family of County Clare in Ireland. The MacNamara family were a Dál gCais sept and after the O'Briens one of the most powerful families in the Kingdom of Thomond as Lords of Clancullen (a title later divided into East and West families). They are related to the O'Gradys, also descended from the Uí Caisin line of the Dál gCais.

Naming conventions[edit]

The name is a contraction of "Mac Cú Na Mara" meaning "Son of the Hound of the Sea".[1]

Male Daughter Wife (Long) Wife (Short)
Mac Conmara[2] Nic Conmara Bean Mhic Conmara Mhic Conmara


They were an influential clan in Thomond, building numerous castles across the region indicating their power and influence, such as Knappogue Castle. Once they were married into the Irish Royale family and became lords.


Sioda Cam MacConmara rebuilt Quin Abbey where many members of this clan were subsequently laid to rest.

Donnchadh Ruadh Mac Conmara (1715–1810) was a Jacobite poet.

Sean Buidhe Mac Conmara (c. 1750-1836), more commonly known as John "Fireball" MacNamara,[3] is remembered because of his daring exploits and his flair for the dramatic which has since featured in verse and in story.[4]



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