Gabe Muoneke

Nnadubem Gabriel Enyinaya Muoneke is a Nigerian American professional basketball player. Despite being born in the United States, Muoneke represents Nigeria internationally. Muoneke attended Cypress Falls High School in Texas. After graduation, he enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin, from which he graduated in 2000 with his degree in Petroleum Engineering. After starting for 4 years on the school's basketball team, Muoneke went undrafted out of college, he is ranked in the top 15 in the history of University of Texas basketball in both scoring and rebounding. He was a first round pick of the Columbus Riverdragons the Roanoke Dazzle of the NBDL, he has played in multiple NBA summer leagues including that of the Vancouver Grizzlies and the New Orleans Hornets. Muoneke signed non-guaranteed NBA contracts with the Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Charlotte Bobcats and the Utah Jazz but was waived from all four teams. Muoneke has played around the world, including with the Ponce Lions in Puerto Rico, Pınar Karşıyaka in Turkey, the Beijing Olympians in China, Pusan Magic Wings, Seoul SK Knights in South Korea, Caceres in Spain and Saba Battery in Iran, among other places.

Since November 2007, Muoneke has been maintaining a blog on, where he discusses his playing career, life in foreign countries, politics. In Winter 2007-08 he signed a contract with'07-'08 ACB Champion and Euroleague Final Four Participant, Saski Baskonia of the Spanish ACB to replace the injured James Singleton; when the contract expired, the team's renewal offer was not accepted by Muoneke and both parties mutually parted ways. During his time in China, Muoneke broke many scoring records and was amongst the top scorers in China in all three of his seasons in the country. While playing for the Yunnan Running Bulls, Muoneke was physically attacked during a postgame confrontation between himself and Chinese national team captain and Shanghai Sharks player Liu Wei. After Muoneke and the Sharks' Cai Liang wrestled for the ball during the game, Cai and some Sharks players confronted Muoneke, his wife and mother-in-law as they were leaving the stadium. Muoneke had a water bottle thrown at him, before being cornered by the players.

Liu and Cai were subsequently suspended. The Shanghai Sharks were fined. Muoneke was not injured, he was released in September. He signed with the Utah Jazz but was waived in October. On his blog in 2009, he alluded to a retirement from professional basketball and subsequently did retire at the age of 30. Muoneke continued his career in African oil and gas in 2010 and has started his own company in his parents' home country of Nigeria. Fort Wayne Fury Chicago Skyliners Trenton Shooting Stars Pınar Karşıyaka Boca Juniors Columbus Riverdragons Santurce Crabbers Purefoods TJ Hot Dogs Roanoke Dazzle CB Cáceres Beijing Aoshen Coamo Marathon Runners Busan KTF Magic Wings Coamo Marathon Runners Seoul SK Knights Ponce Lions Zhejiang Guangsha Saba Battery Rio Grande Valley Vipers TAU Cerámica Saba Battery ASVEL Villeurbanne Yunnan Bulls Gabe Muoneke Player Profile Player Profile Gabe Muoneke Muoneke Summer League Statistics 2006 Gabe Muoneke Muoneke's Blog On

Perl, Saarland

Perl is a municipality in Merzig-Wadern, Germany. In 2010 its population was 7,593, it is situated on the right bank of the river Moselle, on the border with Luxembourg and France, approx. 25 km southeast of Luxembourg City. It is joined by a bridge across the Moselle River with Schengen in Luxembourg and by a second bridge between Nennig and Remich. A fine Roman mosaic has been found in part of the municipality of Perl; the municipality counts Perl and 13 villages: 1989 - 2007: Anton Hoffmann, CDU 2007 - 2015: Bruno Schmitt, SPD 2015 -: Ralf Uhlenbruch, CDU The municipality Perl can claim itself since more than 250 years as a school place. Oldest records about school teaching and school buildings date back to the year 1743; the Schengen Lyzeum Perl is the first cross-border grammar school which offers the German and Luxembourg diploma. Dayc Care St. Franziskus Besch Day Care Center St. Martin Nennig Day Care Center St. Quirinus Perl Day Care Center Leukbachtal Oberleuken Primary school Dreiländereck Perl German-Luxembourgish Schengen-Lyzeum Perl The Roman mosaic in Nennig with a size of 160m², is the largest mosaic north of the Alps.

It was rebuilt in 1874 and restored in 1960. The mosaic is with its 15.65 m x 10.30 m large, ornamental decorated surface a gem and exceeds all mosaics, which were found in the Moselle region in Roman palaces and mansions so far. The Roman Villa Borg was reconstructed faithfully with lobbies, public baths and Roman tavern. In Borg they cook after original recipes of the Roman gourmet Apicius. In addition there is still another set of showcases in which presented the finds from the Roman and Celtic time. In 1733 the hereditary tenant of the Trier Cathedral Chapter constructed a stately house, which changed into the possession of the family from Nell; the residential building is a nine-axle, two-storey building with a front length from 24.30 m and a high kerb roof. Opposite the palace is a garden portal with double-barreled outside staircase that leads in the "Parc of Nell", transformed in the context of the project "Gärten ohne Grenzen" to the baroque garden; the military cemetery commemorates the fallen of the Second World War.

Three large stone crosses stand atop a blown up bunker. The cemetery is the last resting place of 1279 German dead and 950 war victims of other nations. Schloss Berg in Nennig consists of two castles, the lower and the upper castle; the lower castle is in private property and the upper castle was rebuilt to the Renaissance-Schloss. Today it is a gourmet restaurant and a modern casino. Karl Eduard Heusner, Vice Admiral Albert Grégoire, Member of the Reichstag Nikolaus Simmer and mayor of Koblenz Aloysius Winter, professor of theology Karl Peter Fixemer, Entrepreneur Rudolf Heinz, philosopher and musicologist Edmund Kütten, member of parliament Christian Bau, cook Perl official website