Machu Pirqa

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Machu Pirqa
Location Peru
Region Amazonas Region, Chachapoyas Province, Magdalena District
Height 1,900 metres (6,234 ft)

Machu Pirqa (Quechua machu old, old person, pirqa wall,[1] "old wall", hispanicized spelling Machupirca) is an archaeological site of the Chachapoyas culture in Peru. It is located in the Amazonas Region, Chachapoyas Province, Magdalena District.[2] Machu Pirqa is situated at a height of about 1,900 metres (6,234 ft) on the left bank of the river Kuntichaka (Condechaca), an affluent of the Utcubamba River.[2]

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Coordinates: 6°20′13″N 77°54′47″W / 6.3370°N 77.9130°W / 6.3370; -77.9130