Magic Grove

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Magic Grove
Artist Nancy Metz White
Year 2006
Type painted steel
Location Enderis Playfield, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°4′16.967″N 88°0′4.656″W / 43.07137972°N 88.00129333°W / 43.07137972; -88.00129333Coordinates: 43°4′16.967″N 88°0′4.656″W / 43.07137972°N 88.00129333°W / 43.07137972; -88.00129333
Owner City of Milwaukee

Magic Grove is a public art work by artist Nancy Metz White. It is located in Enderis Playfield, which is northwest of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1]


Magic Grove consists of three brightly painted trees made of salvaged metal, a brick walkway and artist-designed benches. The trunks of the trees are made of steel plate, and the canopies are a collage of reclaimed forge flashings painted in greens, blues, reds and yellows. The flashings are welded to create a smooth surface across each tree canopy, interrupted occasionally by orange bird forms that jut vertically and perpendicularly from the top of each sculpture. The three trees are set into a circular plaza that is bright blue. Green and blue benches of varied sizes and heights surround the work.

Commissioning process[edit]

The project received funding initially through the Milwaukee Arts Board as part of a larger, two-year effort to renovate a recreational park managed by the Milwaukee Public Schools. Several neighborhood associations, local businesses and the Department of Public Works partnered to implement the renovation.[2] The Enderis Park Neighborhood Association president said that partners "wanted a piece of art in the park to be the exclamation point on our joint effort." Neighbors and White collaborated to raise funds for the sculpture.[3][4]


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