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View of the Adelaide Magistrates Court building.

The Magistrates Court of South Australia is South Australia's lowest level court.

The Magistrates Court has a criminal and civil jurisdiction. In its criminal jurisdiction, the Magistrates Court deals with summary offences, which may be dealt with by a fine, imprisonment of up to two years, community service or a good behaviour bond. In its civil jurisdiction, it hears matters seeking damages of up to $100,000 for general claims. South Australian Magistrate courts also conduct minor civil claims which are up to $25,000 where both parties cannot have lawyers without special permission.

The Chief Magistrate is the principal judicial officer of the Magistrates Court. Including the Chief Magistrate, there are 36 magistrates in South Australia, based in Adelaide and in metropolitan courts at Christies Beach, Elizabeth, Holden Hill, Mount Barker and Port Adelaide. All regional cities and country areas are serviced by magistrates on circuit from courts in Adelaide and the suburbs.

Current magistrates of the Magistrates Court[edit]

This list is from the Magistrates Court Web Site[1]

Chief Magistrate[edit]

  • Mary-Louise Hribal[2]

Deputy Chief Magistrate[edit]

  • Andrew Cannon

Regional managers[edit]

  • Brett Dixon (Adelaide, criminal)
  • Simon Milazzo (Adelaide, civil)
  • Elizabeth Sheppard (Christies Beach)
  • David McLeod (Elizabeth)
  • Stephen Metanomski (Berri)
  • Alfio Grasso (Port Adelaide)
  • Clive Kitchin (Port Augusta)
  • Teresa Anderson (MounT Gambier)

Stipendiary Magistrates[edit]

  • Nicholas Alexandrides
  • Teresa Anderson
  • Paul Bennett
  • Phillip Broderick
  • Yoong Fee Chin
  • Luke Davis
  • Penelope Eldridge
  • John Fahey
  • Gregory Fisher
  • Paul FOLEY
  • Gary GUMPL
  • Melanie LITTLE
  • Lydia MAKIV
  • David McLEOD
  • Jayanthi McGRATH
  • William MORRIS
  • Susan O'CONNOR
  • Elizabeth SHEPPARD
  • Simon SMART
  • Joanne TRACEY
  • David WHITTLE

Retired Magistrates of the Magistrates Court[edit]

  • William John ACKLAND
  • Joseph Marcus BALDINO
  • Kym BOXALL
  • Richard Dutton BROWN
  • Kevin Phillip EDGECOMB
  • Frederick Robert FIELD
  • Grantley Bruce HARRIS
  • Ruth Frances HAYES
  • Clynton Allan JOHANSEN
  • Rosanne Helen McINNES
  • Peter Barry SNOPEK
  • Peter Yelverton WILSON


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