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Magnoliopsida is a valid botanical name for a class of flowering plants. By definition the class will include the family Magnoliaceae, but its circumscription can otherwise vary, being more inclusive or less inclusive depending upon the classification system being discussed. In the Takhtajan system and the Cronquist system the name was used for the group known as dicotyledons; the Takhtajan system used this internal taxonomy: class Magnoliopsida subclass Magnoliidae subclass Nymphaeidae subclass Nelumbonidae subclass Ranunculidae subclass Caryophyllidae subclass Hamamelididae subclass Dilleniidae subclass Rosidae subclass Cornidae subclass Asteridae subclass Lamiidae The Cronquist system used this internal taxonomy: class Magnoliopsida subclass Magnoliidae subclass Hamamelidae subclass Caryophyllidae subclass Dilleniidae subclass Rosidae subclass Asteridae class Magnoliopsida subclass Magnoliidae subclass Liliidae The Reveal system used the name Magnoliopsida for a group of the primitive dicotyledons, corresponding to about half of the plants in the magnoliids: class 1.

Magnoliopsida superorder 1. Magnolianae superorder 2. Lauranae In the APG and APG II systems botanical names are used only below. Above the rank of order, these systems use their own names, such as angiosperms, monocots, etc; these names refer to clades. This class Magnoliopsida is not defined; the idea that dicotyledons could be a taxonomic unit and get a formal name is rejected by the APG: the dicots are considered to be paraphyletic

River of Fundament

River of Fundament is a 2014 operatic experimental film written and directed by American artist and filmmaker Matthew Barney, co-directed by longtime collaborator Jonathan Bepler. It was produced by Barney and the Laurenz Foundation and is loosely based on the 1983 novel Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer; the film features Barney, Dave Bald Eagle, Milford Graves, Ellen Burstyn, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Paul Giamatti, Aimee Mullins. River of Fundament was produced over 2007 to 2012, being the final product of a series of performances that accumulated into becoming the film's narrative; the film follows Norman Mailer as he travels through three different reincarnations, enduring the seven mythological states of his soul, loosely based on his own novel, "Ancient Evenings". Along with the main narrative, it includes other elements from performance and opera, it has been described as an "eulogy for Mailer."The film was released on February 12, 2014 in a limited theatrical release and through exhibitions at museums in several countries.

Writer Norman Mailer, becoming a protagonist of his own, reincarnates three times during and after his wake into three separate bodies, the last failing to survive through the womb and body of his wife, Hathfertiti. Each reincarnation, he wakes up in a river of feces running beneath his Brooklyn Heights apartment. Mailer's body is represented as three generations of American cars: a 1967 Chrysler Crown Imperial, a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. All three cars are transmogrified through modern industrial processing and recycling to symbolize the regeneration and reincarnation of Mailer. Through this, the narrative follows American car dealerships and bugle corps,'stomp teams', James Lee Byars' piece "The Death of James Lee Byars", Los Angeles culture, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and alchemy. River of Fundament on IMDb River of Fundament at Rotten Tomatoes

Gregory D’Auria

Gregory Thomas D’Auria is an American lawyer and judge who has served as an associate justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court since 2017. He was Solicitor General of Connecticut. Born and raised in Connecticut, D’Auria completed a bachelor's degree at the University of Connecticut in 1985, with a major in political science, he completed a J. D. degree in 1988 at the University of Connecticut School of Law, where he was editor-in-chief of the Connecticut Journal of International Law. D’Auria clerked for Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice Ellen Ash Peters in 1988-1989, worked for four years as an associate attorney at the law firm Shipman & Goodwin. D’Auria was hired by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in 1993, worked in the Attorney General's Office until 2011, he was an Assistant Attorney General in 1993-2000, served as Associate Attorney General for Litigation until 2009, headed the Special Litigation and Charities Unit. Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen appointed D’Auria as Solicitor General of Connecticut in 2011.

In this job, D’Auria argued more than 90 cases on behalf of the state before the state supreme court and Connecticut Appellate Court. In February 1, 2017, D’Auria was nominated by Governor Dan Malloy to a seat on the Connecticut Supreme Court, to replace retired associate justice Peter T. Zarella. D’Auria was unanimously approved by the judiciary committee of the Connecticut General Assembly on February 17, was unanimously confirmed by the Assembly as a whole on March 8, 2017. D’Auria was sworn in by Governor Malloy as an associate justice on April 10, 2017, to an eight-year term which expires in 2025

Kentucky Route 237

Kentucky Route 237 is a 14.872-mile-long state highway in Boone County, connecting the Florence/Burlington area with Hebron. The southern terminus of the route is at KY 536 in Florence; the northern terminus is at KY 8 near Hebron. Most of the land surrounding KY 237 is residential. KY 237 begins at an intersection with KY 536 in Florence; the route heads to the northwest as Gunpowder Road, running along the east bank of the south fork of Gunpowder Creek to the community of Sugartit, where KY 237 intersects US 42/US 127. The road continues to the northwest as Pleasant Valley Road until it reaches Camp Ernst Road in Burlington. KY 237 turns north, running along Camp Ernst Road and passing through residential areas prior to intersecting KY 18 and becoming North Bend Road, the name KY 237 retains to its northern terminus. North of KY 18, KY 237 passes directly west of the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport and intersects Interstate 275 northwest of the airport in Hebron. Past I-275, KY 237 heads northward through less populated areas before terminating at KY 8.

Camp Ernst Middle School is located directly on this route Stephens Elementary School and North Pointe Elementary are both located directly along this route, while a collection of other Boone County schools are located less than a mile off this route. Several larger churches lie along this route, including Vineyard Christian Church, Grace Fellowship and 1st Church of Christ in Burlington, at the intersection of KY 237 and KY 18. Beginning in Autumn 2007, Kentucky Route 237 underwent a $19 Million rerouting and improvement that included widening the road to five lanes from Litton Lane south of Interstate 275 to Cardinal Way; the road was constructed with a landscaped median from Cardinal Way to the Graves Road/Old Noerth Bend Road roundabout North of this the road was straightened and improved to include two through lanes and one center-turn lane to just north of North Point Elementary School. The improvement features two roundabouts. One is located at the other at Graves Road/Old North Bend Road.

The construction included bike lanes and an 8-foot-wide pedestrian path. On June 15, 2009, Graves Road was permanently rerouted to the new alignment. Traffic using Graves Road now must use the new roundabout to access KY 237. Construction was completed and the new road was opened in June, 2010. Construction along several sections of KY 237 continued in the summer of 2012 including North Bend Road, Camp Ernst Road and Pleasant Valley Road. New turn lanes were added at the intersection of Camp Ernst Rogers Lane. Construction to widen the section known as Pleasant Valley Road continues near the intersection with US 42. Construction of a SPUI interchange with KY 18 commenced with utility relocation in January, 2013; the entire route is in Boone County

Gazmend Oketa

Gazmend Oketa is an Albanian politician. He served as Deputy Prime Minister of Albania, as well as Minister of Defence. On 12 March 2007, Oketa was named prelacing Ilir Rusmajli. On 22 March 2008, Oketa succeeded Fatmir Mediu as Minister Of Defence following Medihu's resignation, he was replaced on 17 September 2009 by Arben Imami. On 30 May 2012, Oketa formed a new political party in Albania, New Democratic Spirit, alongside other Democratic Party politicians. Albanian media called it "The Party of President" referring to Bamir Topi. Biography at the Albanian Ministry of Defence


Veruscript was a London-based publisher of open access academic journals from November 2015 to May 2019. The founders were husband and wife Gleb Cheblakov and Nazik Ibraimova via their company AGC Partners, funded by his father Andrey Cheglakov. In June 2016, Veruscript launched four journals and paid their peer reviewers from article processing charges. In December 2016, Veruscript was the subject of allegations that it was involved in Russian attempts to influence the UK intelligence community via the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar. While denying the allegations, Veruscript decided to close the Journal of Intelligence and Terrorism Studies, set up with Neil Kent, the convenor of the seminars. Veruscript closed in May 2019 and articles from three journals, Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies, Journal of Intelligence and Terrorism Studies, Veruscript Functional Nanomaterials, were made available via the Portico archiving service