Mahmud Shah Durrani

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Mahmud Shah Durrani
محمود شاه درانی
Ruler of the Durrani Empire
Mahmud Shah Durrani.jpg
4th Durrani ruler
1st reign 25 July 1801–13 July 1803
Predecessor Zaman Shah Durrani
Successor Shuja Shah Durrani
2nd reign 3 May 1809–1818
Predecessor Shuja Shah Durrani
Successor Ali Shah Durrani
Born 1769
Died 18 April 1829 (aged 60)
Full name
Mahmud Shah Abdali Dur-e-Durran
Dynasty Durrani
Father Timur Shah Durrani
Religion Islam

Mahmud Shah Durrani (1769 – April 18, 1829; Pashto, Persian, Urdu, Arabic: محمود شاہ درانی‬) was born Prince and the ruler of the Durrani Empire (Afghanistan) between 1801 and 1803, and again between 1809 and 1818. An ethnic Sadduzai tribe section of the Popalzai sub clan of Durrani Abdali Pashtun, he was the son of Timur Shah Durrani and grandson of Ahmad Shah Durrani.

His 1st and 2nd deposed[edit]

Mahmud Shah Durrani was the half-brother of his predecessor, Zaman Shah. On July 25, 1801, Zaman Shah was deposed, and Mahmud Shah ascended to ruler-ship. He then had a chequered career; he was deposed in 1803, restored in 1809, and finally deposed again in 1818.

Trouble with Barakzai tribe[edit]

The elder brother of Dost Mohammad Khan, the chief of the Barakzai, Fatteh Khan, took an important part in raising Mahmud Shah Durrani to the sovereignty of Afghanistan in 1800 and in restoring him to the throne in 1809. The son of Mahmud Shah Durrani Shahzada Kamran Durrani was always in trouble with Amir Fateh Khan Barakzai, the brother of Dost Muhammad Khan. Mahmud Shah repaid Fatteh Khan's services by having him assassinated in 1818. After the assassination of Fateh Khan Barakzai the fall of the Durrani Empires begun, thus incurring the enmity of his tribe. After a bloody conflict, Mahmud Shah was deprived of all his possessions but Herat, the rest of his dominions being divided among Fatteh Khan's brothers. King Mahmud Shah Durrani died in 1829. The country was then ruled by Shuja Shah Durrani; another of his half-brothers.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Zaman Shah
Emir of Afghanistan
25 July 1801–13 July 1803
Succeeded by
Shoja Shah
Preceded by
Shoja Shah
Emir of Afghanistan
3 May 1809–1818
Succeeded by
Sultan Ali Shah