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Main Street
Coordinates27°51′48″S 153°18′58″E / 27.863228°S 153.315979°E / -27.863228; 153.315979Coordinates: 27°51′48″S 153°18′58″E / 27.863228°S 153.315979°E / -27.863228; 153.315979
Opened15 December 1981 (1981-12-15)

Main Street is a themed land at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The area acts as the main hub for the park catering as a gateway to many other lands including Gold Rush Country, Rivertown, Nickelodeon Central and Ocean Parade.[1]


In 1974, John Longhurst purchased 85 hectares (210 acres) of land at Coomera in order to construct the Dreamworld theme park. Although a lot of the initial work was done by himself, Longhurst spared no expense when he employed designers from Disneyland (in Anaheim, California) and Walt Disney World (in Florida) to design Main Street. Many of the buildings in Dreamworld can be compared to those in the Disney parks; the main entrance at Dreamworld is modelled after the Main Street train station at the Magic Kingdom. Inside Dreamworld, the IMAX Theatre's building is modelled after the Emporium at Disney parks.[2]

The area now known as Main Street, opened with the park in 1981 as Central Plaza.[3] Since its opening very little has changed about the area; as with the rest of the park, general maintenance has been performed from time to time.[1]


Dreamworld Railway

Dreamworld Cinema[edit]

Dreamworld Railway[edit]

The Dreamworld Railway is one of Dreamworld's original, opening day attractions. At opening the ride was known as the Cannon Ball Express and only featured one stop;[2] the train takes guests on a scenic route around Dreamworld with four stops along the way: Central Station, Billabong Station, Australian Wildlife Experience Station and Log Ride Station.[1] The railway has two trains; the first is a Perry with the second being a Baldwin. Due to high levels of maintenance it is very rare that both trains operate on the same day.[4][5]

Illuminate Light & Laser Spectacular[edit]

As the name suggests, Illuminate Light & Laser Spectacular is a light and laser show which is run seasonally during school holidays resulting in the park remaining open an extra two hours, it began in April 2010 with SpongeBob SquarePants and "Celebrate" shows. This was followed by Illuminate Winter Wonderland for the June and July school holidays featuring 4 lane, 40-metre (130 ft) long inflatable tube slide and a snow play area featuring 12,000 kilograms (26,000 lb) of snow.[6][7]

The Kodak Express outlet and Main Street Emporium.

Shopping and dining[edit]

Main Street is the main shopping and dining precinct in the park; the lack of attractions in this area is made up for by the amount of merchandise and dining outlets. Merchandise shops include Fairy Tale Treasures, Hat Cart, Main Street Emporium, Kodak Express and the Market Place. Food and beverage can be purchased from Boost Juice, Candy Nut Shop, Ice Cream Parlour, Central Café, Pizza Shack, Hot Dog Cart, and the Market Place. An outlet for Q4U rentals is located adjacent to the park's entrance.[8]

Character Appearances[edit]

Kenny and Belinda in 2007.

At various times throughout the day guests Dreamworld's mascots appear on Main Street. Dreamworld's original mascot, Kenny Koala, appears alongside 1983 addition Belinda Brown for meet and greets. Guests can also have their photo taken with The Wiz or Goldie the Clown.[9]


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