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Total population
27,893 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Laos, Thailand, United States
Mal, Lao, Thai, others
Theravada Buddhism

The Mal are an ethnic group native to Laos and Thailand. They are one of two sub-groups of the Lua people (the other one being the Phai).[1]

Name Variation[edit]

The Mal are also commonly referred to as Madl, Khatin, T'in, Htin, Thin, and Tin.[2]


The Mal speak a language also called Mal, which is a Khmuic language.[2] The Khmuic languages are Austroasiatic.[2] There is some debate as to whether the Khmuic languages are of the Mon–Khmer branch, but the majority opinion is that they are not.[citation needed]

Geographic Distribution[edit]


The Mal largely practice traditional folk religion involving ancestor worship.[citation needed]


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