Malatya Plain

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The Malatya Plain is a plain in Eastern Turkey, associated with the Malatya Province.

The plain is between the Euphrates valley to the east and the Taurus Mountains to the south and south-east. Its altitude varies between 700 m and 1100 m above the sea level.[1] The plain is somewhat unlevel, with unduilating ridges and fells.[2][3]

At present, the climate in the area is semi-arid, because Taurus Mountains block precipitation originating from the Mediterranean Sea. The mean annual precipitation is low (350-400mm), mostly coming from snow.[2] AT the same time, the area is favorable for cultivation due to springs based on water-bearing strata and karst waters, and rivers coming from the mountains and converging into the Euphrates.[2][1]

The plain is located on the Anatolian Plate near its edge by seismically active East Anatolian Fault Zone and East Anatolian Fault Zone.[1]

An archaeological site of Arslantepe is located within the plain, an oasis 15 km south off the Euphrates.[1]