Meztitla Scout Camp School

The Meztitla Scout Camp School is the national Scout camp and school owned by the Asociación de Scouts de México, A. C. located in the Central Highlands of Mexico, northeast of the municipality of Tepoztlán, in the state of Morelos. Nestled under the rocky slopes of the 3,430 metres Sierra de Ajusco-Chichinauhtzin, in the Yautepec River watershed, the place is about 50 minutes south of Mexico City and 40 minutes from Cuernavaca; the Meztitla Scout Camp School was founded through the generosity of Paul E. Loewe, who in 1956 donated the first lands to become the campsite. More lands were acquired to become the modern Scout Camp School of Mexico; the name Meztitla is derived from the original concept Place of the moon or Place near the moon in the Nahuatl language, due to nearby cave paintings in one of cliffs in the hills that surround the camp. Several worldwide Scout events have been held at Meztitla, to include Rover Indabas; the Meztitla Scout Camp School is frequented by Scouts from around the world, is open to the public in general.

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List of Luo Kenyans

This is a list of some notable Luo Kenyans, an ethnic group and nation associated with Kenya, living or dead. Some persons may not be listed here, but are listed in other related articles, shown under the See section; this is a list for those otherwise perceived as Luos. Only those meeting notability criteria as shown by having an article here, are included, unless their position makes it obvious that they are unquestionably qualified for one; this list is incomplete. Lupita Nyong ` o, Oscar Award winning filmmaker. Dalmas Otieno Vera Sidika Model Gaylyne Ayugi Model Ayub Ogada, singer and performer on the nyatiti, Daniel Owino Misiani, Tanzanian musician from Mara Region. Musa Juma, musician Okatch Biggy, musician Owuor Arunga Achieng Oneko, independence freedom fighter and politician Anyang' Nyong'o Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, of Luo descent through his father, Barack Obama, Sr. Betty Oyella Bigombe, former Ugandan politicia Milton Obote, former Ugandan President James Orengo, Senate Member in Kenya Jaramogi Oginga Odinga - first Vice President of independent Kenya Oburu Odinga, former Kenyan Minister and Member of Kenyan Senate Otieno KajwangOpiyo OloyaRaila Odinga, second Prime Minister of Kenya Raphael Tuju Robert Ouko, Kenyan Foreign Minister, Tom Mboya, Pan-Africanist, Divock Okoth Origi, Belgian footballer, son of Kenyan footballer Mike Origi.

Congestina Achieng Female boxer Dennis Oliech, football player Johnny Oduya, a defenseman for the Chicago Blackhawks, NHL David Ochieng Footballer David Owino Footballer Barack Obama Sr. economist, Harvard University graduate, father of previous U. S. President Barack Obama David Wasawo, University of Oxford trained Zoologist, first African Deputy Principal of Makerere University College and Nairobi University College Prof. Henry Odera Oruka - philosopher Olara Otunnu, former [[Under-Secretary-General of the United Grace Ogot, educationist Thomas R. Odhiambo, founder of International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, author Raila Odinga Miguna Miguna Tom Mboya Dr. Shem Ochuodho Daniel S. A. O Otieno Kenyans Kenyan actors