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PBS, the contest's organiser.

Malta Song for Europe (Maltese: il-Festival Kanzunetta għall-Ewropa) was the song festival which used to decide who will represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is now being organised by Maltese broadcaster Public Broadcasting Services (PBS Malta).

Malta's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest dates back to 1971. In those years the contest was known as the Malta Song Festival.

In the past the rules for submissions by composers, authors and singers were published in October . The first elimination of the songs was held in December, and the semifinalists were announced in January. The semifinal was then held in February. Two days after, a final was held to choose Malta's representative at the Eurovision.

In 2009 a new format of the contest was introduced, the Malta Eurosong contest, with eight semi-finals held over November 2008 to January 2009, with a final of 20 songs competing in February.[1][2] In 2010 six semi-finals will be held over December 2009 and January 2010, and a final will once again be held in February 2010.[3]

Since 2011 it became known as the "Malta Eurovision Song Contest".

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