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Manabu Miyazaki is also the name of a Japanese wildlife photographer. For that entry, see Manabu Miyazaki (photographer).

Manabu Miyazaki (宮崎 学, Miyazaki Manabu, born October 25, 1945) is a Japanese writer, social critic and public figure. He is the author of several best-selling books in Japan, his autobiography Toppamono sold 600,000 copies and has since been translated into English.

In 1985, Miyazaki was named by the Tokyo police as the prime suspect in the Glico Morinaga case, a 17-month saga of kidnapping and corporate extortion, he was later cleared.[1]

Translated work[edit]

  • Manabu Miyazaki; Toppamono: Outlaw. Radical. Suspect. My Life in Japan's Underworld (2005, Kotan Publishing, ISBN 0-9701716-2-5)

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