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Manakhah, Yemen
Manakhah, Yemen
Country Yemen
Governorate San‘a’
District Manakhah
Elevation 6,706 ft (2,044[1] m)
Time zone Yemen Standard Time (UTC+3)

Manakhah (Arabic: مناخة‎) is a village in west-central Yemen. It is located in the San‘a’ Governorate, on the road between Sana'a and al-Hodeida, located in the Haraz mountains. It was once home to a Jewish community, until their emigration to Israel in the 19th and 20th century. German geographer, Carl Rathjens, visited the town in the early 1930s.


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Coordinates: 15°04′N 43°44′E / 15.067°N 43.733°E / 15.067; 43.733