Mansourah, Algeria

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Coordinates: 34°52′16″N 1°20′21″W / 34.87099°N 1.339087°W / 34.87099; -1.339087

Commune and town
Mansourah.Vue générale.jpg
DZ-13-51 - Mansourah - Wilaya Tlemcen.svg
Country  Algeria
Province Tlemcen Province
District Mansourah District
Population (2008)
 • Total 49,150
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Ruins of the Mansourah Mosque

Mansourah (Arabic: المنصورة‎ - „victorious“) is a town and commune in Tlemcen Province in Northwestern Algeria.[1] The town is the seat of Mansourah District.


According to the 2008 census the town has population of 49,007 inhabitants and totally its commune has 49,150 inhabitants.[2]

The town is effectively a suburb of the provincial capital Tlemcen. Mansourah and Tlemcen form together an intercommunal urban agglomeration with 173,531 inhabitants.[3]


The settlement was founded by the Marinids in 1303 AD as a fortified base for their siege of Tlemcen. The site quickly grew into a large city with tens of thousands of inhabitants.


The main landmark of Mansourah is the Tlemcen National Park with the ruins of the fortified city and the Mansourah Mosque. They include parts of the walls of the city, better preserved walls of the castle and its leading tower.


The commune of Mansourah is composed of 8 localities (1984):[4]

  • Mansourah
  • Imama
  • Béni Boublène
  • Wone Ouest
  • ZHUN Champ de tir
  • Kifan Sud-Ouest
  • Attar
  • Ouali Mustapha (Riat El Kébir)


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