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Mantano Reader is an e-book reader application for Android tablets and smartphones and iOS devices.[1] It supports the EPUB and PDF formats, and is compatible with the Adobe DRM technology, it features convenient library management functions through tags and collections, includes an OPDS catalog browser and allows to import books from external sources. The reading experience is smooth and the display can be customized through themes, the user can add annotations and organize them through a dedicated "Notes Manager". An original feature is that it allows the creation of "Revision sheets" by selecting sets of notes.

The application can be extended by subscribing to the Mantano Cloud service that provides additional synchronization and sharing functions.

Main features[edit]

Ebook Reader[edit]

  • PDF: Fast scroll, Pan & Zoom, double-click for 1 column display
  • Flexible EPUB display, with optional page curl and book background
  • Preliminary EPUB3 support [2]
  • Customize the display of EPUB documents thanks to Themes: default font, line height, colors, etc. Create your custom themes
  • Support of Adobe DRM, including the management of ID and password protected files
  • Night mode
  • Text to speech allows to listen to a book, a page or a text selection
  • Text and freehand notes, attached to a page, to a highlight, or standalone
  • Expandable tree-like Table of Contents
  • Quick access to annotations, highlights and bookmarks thanks to the "Notes Manager"
  • Online and offline (ColorDict) dictionaries


  • Collections, sub-collections and tags allow to organize the books and notes
  • Miscellaneous view modes: compact list, detailed list and thumbnail view
  • Detailed book information
  • Filter by collection, author, tags, publisher, formats...
  • Sort by title, author, date on which it was added, last access date
  • Search a book by a part of its title, tags or of the author’s name

Notes Manager (Premium version only)[edit]

  • Organize the notes like the books, thanks to collections, sub-collections and tags
  • Search a note by a part of its title and text content
  • "Review Sheets" can be created by selecting notes
  • Jump to a book from an annotation

OPDS Catalogs Explorer[edit]

  • Allows to browse predefined catalogs
  • Possible to add any OPDS catalog
  • Directly open a downloaded book in the ebook reader
  • Filter by catalog and category
  • Full-text book search

Supported platforms[edit]

  • Android 2.3 up to 5.x
  • iOS 7.1+ (Mantano Cloud support starting from Mantano for iOS 3.0) [3]