Mao Jie

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Mao Jie
Supervisor of the Masters of Writing
In office
213 (213) – 216 (216)
Monarch Emperor Xian of Han
Chancellor Cao Cao
Personal details
Born Unknown
Fengqiu County, Henan
Died 216
Children Mao Ji
Occupation Official
Courtesy name Xiaoxian (孝先)

Mao Jie (died 216), courtesy name Xiaoxian, was an official serving under the warlord Cao Cao during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. He was from Pingqiu County, Chenliu Commandery, which is located east of present-day Fengqiu County, Henan. On the recommendation of Man Chong, Mao Jie joined Cao Cao. Mao Jie was very skilled when it came to domestic policies promoting the prioritisation of agriculture.

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