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Marco Moré
Birth nameMarco Antonio Moreno García
Born (1988-09-01) 1 September 1988 (age 31)
OriginMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
GenresLatin pop, pop, pop rock
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, actor
Years active2003–present
LabelsSony BMG[1]
WebsiteLAIF My Space Official

Marco Antonio Moreno García (born 1 September 1988), better known as Marco Moré, is a Mexican singer, songwriter and actor. Second place winner of the Mexican reality show La Academia in 2003.

Professional career[edit]


Marco was born under the sign of Virgo on 1 September 1988 in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

At 14, he participated in his first musical title "Alrededor Del Mundo" (Around The World), which had local performances in his hometown Monterrey.

For three years he led the event "La Nueva Generación De Estrellas" (The New Generation of Stars) and participated as a voice actor for Disney in the animated series Recess.

In 2002, he auditioned for the Second Generation of the Academy, which was one of the 16 selected, his first appearance on national television was on 8 December 2002 at the concert "El Relevo" where members of the First Generation of the Academy sang a duet with members of the Second Generation, being this concert, the presentation of new academics.[2]

La Academia[edit]

His first appearance as soloist in the reality was singing Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas [1] at the first concert of the Second Generation, which were presented to the godmother of the generation, Christina Aguilera.[3] At first, Marco doesn't call attention to the public in this new generation, he had outstanding performances as Un Nuevo Amor, Lobo Hombre en Paris, "Todo lo que hago lo hago por ti" (by Brian Adams) [2] y Ángel (by Robbie Williams) - [3] - Angel cover by Marco Moré [4], however, was his performance at the concert 6 Cuando Calienta el Sol which emphasized him among the contenders of musical reality.

It was his performances in the concert 11 Si Bastasen un Par de Canciones and the concert 12 Todo Lo Que Hago, Lo Hago Por Ti which catapulted him and since that moment was among the favorites to win the Second Generation of the Academy for both, the public and former students of the first and second generation.[4][5]

Videos de la Final:

  • "Si bastasen un par de canciones"[5]
  • "Everybreath you take"[6]

The Grand Finale of the Second Generation of the Academy was on 30 March 2003, following the same format as the first generation, the finale was at the National Auditorium in Mexico City with more than 7 thousand people and each finalist sang 2 songs, a song success during their stay at The Academy and a famous song in English. Marco sang Si Bastasen un Par de Canciones and Every Breath You Take.

At the end of the round of performances, the conductor Alan Tacher invite the three winners of the First Generation of The Academy to announce the name of the three winners of the Second Generation, being Miguel Ángel the first to announce that the 3rd place and the prize of 1 million of pesos belonged to Manuel Mancillas, immediately after Víctor García announced to the 2nd prize winner and 1 and a half million of pesos was Marco and finally, Myriam Montemayor was charged to announce that the winner of 1st place and the prize of 2 and a half million of pesos was Erika Alcocer.[6]

Marco was included in the 11 CD's of the Second Generation of the Academy.

Desafío de Estrellas[edit]

The same night that ended the Second Generation of the Academy, it was announced that next Sunday would begin the Master of the Academy finally adopted the name Desafío de Estrellas (Star Challenge), which was integrated by 14 students to the first generation and 18 of the Second Generation,[7] to compete for a single prize of 6 million of pesos. However, the new winners said they now feared for their artistic future and would like to TV Azteca promote concerts for them as well as the First Generation.[8]

On 6 March 2003 began the Desafío de Estrellas, which since the beginning marked a preference for the artists of the first generation,[9] which had already given concerts all over Mexico and already had the sympathy of the audience and stage experience. However, the vocal quality of the students of the Second Generation was reflected in different interpretations made in duets with students of the First Generation, where, despite his inexperience, matched and sometimes surpassed former students of the first generation, however, the preference for their ancestors followed and when the third concert finished, there were only 5 finalists of the Second Generation in the contest, which generated complaints from artists of the Second Generation who felt that the competition was unfair because their predecessors were more experienced, had 45 concerts over and five months plus on display.[10]

In the specific case of Marco, he had outstanding performances throughout the competition as Cuando Calienta el Sol duet with Victor Garcia, Pisando Fuerte duet with Yahir: [7], Aun Sin Ti, Atado a Un Sentimiento, Fuego Contra Fuego and Remolino in trio with Laura Caro and Héctor Zamorano. Although practically all his performances received good reviews, Marco was expelled from the competition six weeks before the Finale.

Homenaje a...[edit]

Immediately finishing the Desafío de Estrellas and following the same formula, most former students of the First and Second Generation were collected in a series of Sunday programs titled Homenaje a... (Tribute to...), where each week a concert would be made totally dedicated to one artist or genre by way of tribute and the end of each program would have a prize of 100 thousand pesos for the artist most voted.

Marco participated in 6 programs "Homenaje a..." and performed 7 songs among which highlighted Te Lo Pido Por Favor in the Homenaje a... Juan Gabriel, Martha Tiene un Marcapasos in the Homenaje a... Grandes Grupos, She Bangs in the Homenaje a... Grandes Éxitos: [8] and Vasos Vacios in the Homenaje a... Grandes Duetos.[11]

The program was well accepted by the public and 5 albums were released for sale under the same concept. Marco was included in 3 out of 5 discs.

Artistic Preparation and Performance[edit]

Since 2003 he has given shows in major cities in Mexico, Central America and United States, he participated in the Telethon of Guatemala and also still preparing in acting and singing. In October 2005, he studied an intensive course of performance with Ms. Martha Zabaleta in Mexico City, in December 2005, he studied an intensive course for action on TV in London and in July 2006, served as a "Memo" in the theater play "Vaselina 2006" [12] or Grease (musical) under the production of Julissa, with which he toured throughout Mexico.[13] Marco Moré Performing "Amor Primero"

In 2004 he realized his first CD Por Ti, his first single "Por Ti" was at the top of the charts in Guatemala. other songs included was:

In 2006 he joined the group LAIF under the label Sony BMG.[14]

any songs in the CD:

For 2009 he began studying in Berklee College of Music (Boston, U.S.A.) and opened his High Performance Academy of musicals in Monterrey n.L. México [15]

In 2011 Marco Moré was signed as a songwriter for the Agency Westwood Entertainment,[16] and in 2013 he start the "Sound and Pepper: Music Services for Visuals" project.


Studio albums[edit]

Compilation albums[edit]

  • 2003: La Academia Segunda Generación (11 CD's)
  • 2003: Homenaje a... Juan Gabriel
  • 2003: Homenaje a... Grandes Intérpretes Españoles
  • 2003: Homenaje a... Grandes Duetos
  • 2006: Vaselina 2006


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