Bárður á Steig Nielsen

Bárður á Steig Nielsen is a Faroese politician and businessman who serves as leader of the Union Party since 2015 and as Prime Minister since 2019. He is goalkeeper of the VÍF handball team and a former handball player of the Faroe Islands national team. Bárður á Steig Nielsen has finished the first part of a Danish HD education in Management accounting from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences and has taken some of the subjects of the Merkonom education from Føroya Handilsskúli, he started his business career as an employee in the accountancy firm Rasmussen og Weihe in Tórshavn 1993–2000. From 2001 to 2004 he was employed as the chief Accountant at the Kollafjord Pelagic in Kollafjørður. In 2007 he left his position as the Finance Minister of the Faroe Islands in order to become the general manager of the large scale building project SMI Stóratjørn in Hoyvík, planned by Icelandic business people; the project was never implemented because of the financial crisis of 2007–08, á Steig Nielsen was employed there until February 2009.

From 2009–2010 he was the general manager of a machine shop in Hoyvík 2009–2010. From 2010 he was the CFO of the telephone company Vodafone Føroyar in Tórshavn, he has been the board member of the Vágar Airport, Kollafjord Pelagic and of a few other trading companies in Tórshavn. Á Steig Nielsen was elected for the Faroese parliament representing Norðurstreymoy in the period 2002–2004 and 2004–2008. He was the finance minister in the first cabinet of Jóannes Eidesgaard from 2004, but left the position in order to become the leader of the Stóra Tjørn building project, which didn't happen because of the financial crisis. At the 2011 elections he was re-elected for the Løgting. In March 2015 he was elected vice chairman of his party and on 24 October 2015 he was elected as the chairman of the Union Party

1998 ECAC Hockey Men's Ice Hockey Tournament

The 1998 ECAC Hockey Men's Ice Hockey Tournament was the 37th tournament in league history. It was played between March 13 and March 21, 1998. Quarterfinal games were played at home team campus sites, while the final five games were played at the Olympic Arena in Lake Placid, New York. By winning the tournament, Princeton received the ECAC's automatic bid to the 1998 NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Tournament; the tournament featured three rounds of play. The two teams that finish below tenth place in the standings are not eligible for tournament play. In the first round, the first and tenth seeds, the second and ninth seeds, the third seed and eighth seeds, the fourth seed and seventh seeds and the fifth seed and sixth seeds played a modified best-of-three series, where the first team to receive 3 points moves on, with the three highest-seeded winners advancing to the semifinals and the remaining two winners playing in the Four vs. Five matchup. After the opening round every series becomes a single-elimination game.

In the semifinals, the highest seed plays the winner of the four vs. five game while the two remaining teams play with the winners advancing to the championship game and the losers advancing to the third place game. The tournament champion receives an automatic bid to the 1998 NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Tournament. Note: GP = Games Played.