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"Marica tú" (Spanish for You queer) is one of the many parodies of the song "Dragostea Din Tei", by the Moldovan group O-Zone. It was made by a comedy duo from Spain called Los Morancos de Triana, formed by brothers Jorge and César Cadaval, it became a major radio hit in many countries in Latin America, particularly in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. In the latter, this song is more well-known than the original, whereby the original song Dragostea Din Tei is confused with this parody in Latin America, leading to controversy over a Chicken Little trailer in which the titular character dances to Dragostea Din Tei.

Jorge Cadaval was one of the first Spanish subjects, along with his husband Ken, to marry under Spain's same-sex marriage statutes,[1] his brother César has been supportive of Jorge's sexual orientation since Jorge asserted it; as a result, the comedy duo occasionally addresses LGBTT issues in their comedy routines. In this case, the comedy duo replaced the original lyrics with audaciously pro-gay lyrics in Spanish, more or less preserving the original Romanian rhyme in parts (an intentional sort of mondegreen or soramimi), and by doing such, transformed the song into an international gay anthem; the video features a man who, after singing for a while, unleashes a stereotypical gay party, with lots of smoke, lights, feathers, and male strippers, while advising the listener to come out of the closet.

The parodical version is also known by its refrain (Fiesta, fiesta, y) pluma, pluma gay [(Party, party and) feather, gay feather (sissyness)], which has almost the same rhyme as the original Romanian (Vrei să pleci dar) nu mă, nu mă iei.

Another well-known refrain is Marica quien, marica tú, marica yo, marica ha, ha (Queer who, queer you, queer me, queer ha, ha), which has the same rhyme as Maia-hi, Maia-hu, Maia-ha, Maia-ha-ha

Dominican merengue singer Mala Fe recorded a merengue version of the song.


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