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Marika Kotopouli
Μαρίκα Κρεβατά
Athens, Greece
DiedSeptember 14, 1994
Athens, Greece

Marika Krevata (Greek: Μαρίκα Κρεβατά; 1910 – September 14, 1994) was a Greek actress of theatre and film.


Marika was the daughter of Stamatis Krevatas (musician) and Sofias (actress in Constantinople (now Istanbul), of the Panteliadis). She was born in Athens in 1910. Krevata lost her father and her little sister Thaleia when she was 2. Her childhood years were poor. She first appeared in theatre at an early age. In the beginning she took part in companies which toured the Greek outdoors along with children's acts including Daskalitsa (Δασκαλίτσα) by Nicodemi next to Marika Kotopouli. She later appeared in operettas by Georgios Xydis which included her first substantial appearance in the company with Rozalias Nika. She spent time at various theatre companies, including Manos Filippidis, which became famous in the musical theatre of old Athens and Krevata played Eva in the same opera by Lehár in the Lyric Scene.

Krevatas also wrote Pipitsa based on the work of Prinea-Mastora.

Original text:
Πίτσα, Πιπίτσα, Πηνελοπίτσα,
απ΄ το καιρό, παιδί μου, που ΄γινες κομμάτι
να μας πεθάνεις όλους, το ΄βαλες γινάτι!
Καημένη Πίτσα, Πηνελοπίτσα,
θα μας πεθάνεις μα το ναί
αφότου σήκωσες ψηλά τον αμανέ!
English text (first two):
Pitsa, Pitsa, Pinelopitsa,
from the time my child, you are torn into pieces

In the early 1930s, she met Angelos Mavropoulos, protagonist of operas in which three months after her marriage was divorced, six months later, she raised her first child Gelly Mavropoulou. She loved her second husband Giorgos Gavriilidis (died in 1982) as much as life and as much as her work.

Marika retired from theatre in 1972. She was left alone and spoke French. She died on September 14, 1994 at the age of 84 at the Athens Clinic. She is buried at the Kokkinos Milos Cemetery.


Year Film Transliteration and translation Role
1957 Delistratou kai yios Δελησταύρου και υιός Mrs. Amalia
1959 Stournara 288 Στουρνάρα 288 Kleio Assymomyti
1959 Liza, Be Quiet Η Λίζα το 'σκασε (I Liza to 'skase) Mrs. Kollarou-Papadea
1959 Ilias XVI 'Ο Ηλίας του 16ου (O Ilias tou 16ou) Loukia
1960 To klotsoskoufi Το κλωτσοσκούφι Thodora Vengkeli-Angelidou
1961 Haramofaides Χαραμοφάηδες' Magad Skarmoutsou
1962 Otan leipei i gata Όταν λείπει η γάτα Mrs. Zemberi
1962 Eteria thavmaton Εταιρεία θαυμάτων Danai
1963 Polytehnitis ke erimospitis Πολυτεχνίτης και ερημοσπίτης Mrs. Maria
1963 One Jerk With A Patent Ένας βλάκας με πατέντα (Enas vlakas me patenta) -
1964 Three Girls From America Τρία κορίτσια από το Αμέρικα (Tria koritsia apo tin Americ(k)a) -
1964 Kosmos kai kosmakis Κόσμος και κοσμάκης Garougalia/Violeta
1964 Another For a Millions Άλλος για το εκατομμύριο (Allos gia to ekatomyrio) relative
1965 Yie mou, yie mou Υιέ μου, υιέ μου Amalia Mavrogianni
1965 Vana Βάνα -
1965 Mia gynaika horis dropi Μια γυναίκα χωρίς ντροπή (A Woman Without Shame) -
1965 The Poor Millionaire Ο φτωχός εκατομμυριούχος (O ftohos ekatommyriouhos) -
1965 Exileosi Εξιλέωση -
1966 All The Men Are the Same Όλοι οι άνδρες είναι ίδιοι (Oloi i andres ine idii) Georgiadou
1966 My Woman Has Gone Mad Η γυναίκα μου τρελλάθηκε (I yinaika mou trellathike) Elli
1966 O adelfos mou o trelaras Ο αδελφός μου ο τρελάρας Farnezi
1967 O modistros Ο μόδιστρος Erasmia
1967 O anakatosouras Ο ανακατωσούρας Theoni
1968 O petheropliktos Ο πεθερόπληκτος Olymbia
1969 Wake Up, Liar Ξύπνα, κορόιδο (Xypna, koroido) Ismini
1969 The Tale Ο παραμυθάς (O paramythas) Veatriki Karagiorgi
1969 The Countess of the Fabrics Η κόμισσα της φάμπρικας (I komissa tis fabrikas) Dimitra Delimani
1969 Enas magkas sta salonia Ένας μάγκας στα σαλόνια Eva Nikolaou
1970 The Dry-Head Ο ξεροκέφαλος (O xerokefalos) aunt Amalia
1970 O paichnidiaris Ο παιχνιδιάρης (The Player) -
1970 O apithanos Ο απίθανος' -
1970 O akypiros htypithike Ο ακτύπητος χτυπήθηκε -
1971 Vacations in Vietnam Διακοπές στο Βιετνάμ (Diakopes sto Vietnam) -
1971 The Prince of the Market Ο πρίγκιπας της αγοράς (O prigkipas tis agoras) -
1972 Pos katantisame, Sotiri Πώς καταντήσαμε, Σωτήρη -
1973 A Crazy, Crazy Hijacker Ένας τρελός, τρελός αεροπειρατής (Enas trelos, terlos aeropeiratis) Loukia Sgourou

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