Mark 32 torpedo

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Mark 32 torpedo
Mark 32 torpedo diagram.jpg
Diagram of the Mark 32 torpedo
Type Acoustic torpedo[1]
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1950-1955[1]
Used by United States Navy
Production history
Designer General Electric[1]
Ordnance Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University
Designed 1950[1]
Manufacturer Philco[1]
Naval Ordnance Station Forest Park
Leeds and Northrup
No. built 3300[1]
Weight 700 pounds[1]
Length 83 inches[1]
Diameter 19 inches with 25.4-inch fins[1]

Effective firing range 9600 yards[1]
(24-minute search duration)
Warhead Mk 32 Mod 1, HBX[1]
Warhead weight 107 pounds[1]
Mk 19 Mods 4 and 11 contact exploder[1]

Engine Electric[1]
Speed 12 knots[1]
Helix search[1]
Destroyers and aircraft[1]

The Mark 32 torpedo was the first active acoustic antisubmarine homing torpedo in United States Navy service.[1] The Mark 32 was withdrawn from service use with the introduction of the Mark 43 torpedo.

Ten were manufactured by Leeds and Northrup, Philadelphia during War II, and about 3,300 were manufactured by a combination of the Philco Corporation, Philadelphia, and the Naval Ordnance Plant, Forest Park, Illinois.[1]


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