Mark Dalton (All My Children)

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Mark Dalton
All My Children character
Portrayed by Mark La Mura
  • 1976–89
  • 1994–95
  • 2004–05
First appearance 1976
Last appearance 2005
Occupation Plays piano on cruise ship
Former Songwriter
Former Music Professor at Pine Valley University
Residence Hong Kong

Mark Dalton is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera, All My Children. He was portrayed by Mark La Mura. He debuted in 1976 and remained a permanent character until 1989 when he left Pine Valley for a job in China.[1] Mark made special guest appearances in 1994, 1995, 2004, and 2005.

Mark Dalton's significant storylines are his failed romance with his half-sister Erica Kane in the 1970s and of substance abuse, including with risks of HIV and AIDS, in the 1980s.[2][3]

La Mura earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 1988 for Best Supporting Actor.


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