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Location Peru, Ancash Region, Huari Province
Coordinates 9°22′14.65″S 77°7′47.50″W / 9.3707361°S 77.1298611°W / -9.3707361; -77.1298611Coordinates: 9°22′14.65″S 77°7′47.50″W / 9.3707361°S 77.1298611°W / -9.3707361; -77.1298611
Area 13 ha
Height 3,580 metres (11,745 ft)

Markahirka or Marka Hirka (Quechua marka village, Ancash Quechua hirka mountain,[1][2] "village mountain", Hispanicized spellings Marca Jirca, Marcajirca) is an archaeological site with cave paintings and stone tombs (chullpa) on a mountain of the same name in Peru. It is located in the Ancash Region, Huari Province, in the districts of Cajay and Masin. It is situated at a height of 3,580 metres (11,745 ft).[3][4] Markahirka is also a good viewpoint with views into the Puchka valley (Puchca) and to the towns of Huari (Wari) and Huachis (Wachis).


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