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Market-Rite is a brand name of Market-Rite Guitar Company, a Michigan-based manufacturer of pedal steel guitars. The company existed in the 1970s and was selling guitars as a build-it-yourself kit for a relatively low price, suitable for students. Later the name was changed to Cougar Steel Guitars, which ceased to exist in 2003 due to the death of its owner.

Product lineup[edit]

There are 2 known products:

  • Mark I: E9 chromatic tuning, 3 foot pedals, 1 knee lever
  • Mark II Thinline: EC, 10 strings, E9 chromatic tuning, 1 knee lever, 3 foot pedals, Roman numeral position markers, chrome tuners, one single coil pickup, 1/4" output jack, red and black covering

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