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Marquisate Crown

The Marquises of Altamira are Spanish Nobility which further enhanced their wealth and influence in New Spain, and the rest of the Spanish colonies in America.

In December 23, 1702, King Philip V of Spain granted the title to Don Luis Sánchez de Tagle y de la Rasa, 1st Marquis of Altamira from the previous title of Viscount Tagle.

Famous members include Don Luis Sánchez de Tagle, 1st Marquis of Altamira who was once the most influential and richest man in New Spain, Don Pedro Sánchez de Tagle known as the "Father of Tequila" and first Empress of Mexico, Empress Ana Maria, who is the great great great grandniece of Don Luis Sánchez de Tagle. The holders of the title were all members of the House of Tagle, an aristocratic family in Spain and Mexico during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The members of the family also married into powerful Spanish nobles houses such as that of the Dukes of Moctezuma de Tultengo and the Dukes of Tetuan.

A cadet branch of the House of Tagle also established themselves in the Philippines, where they soon became one of that country's richest families. Having historical associations with the Principalia, the native aristocracy of the Philippines, some notable members of this branch are the socialite Isabel Preysler and the actress Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, who is Filipino-American.

Viscounts of Tagle[edit]

  1. Don Luis Sánchez de Tagle, Viscount Tagle (created Marquis of Altamira on December 23, 1702)
  2. Don Juan Manuel Pérez de Tagle, Viscount Tagle (created Marquis of las Salinas on October 20, 1733)

Marquises of Altamira[edit]

  1. Don Luis Sánchez de Tagle, 1st Marquis of Altamira
  2. Don Pedro Sánchez de Tagle, 2nd Marquis of Altamira, son-in-law and eldest son of the 1st Marquis' eldest brother
  3. Doña Manuela Sánchez de Tagle, 3rd Marquesa of Altamira, eldest daughter of the 2nd Marquis
  4. Doña Luisa Pérez de Tagle, 4th Marquesa of Altamira, only daughter of the 3rd Marquesa
  5. Don Manuel Rodriguez de Albuerne y Pérez de Tagle, 5th Marquis of Altamira, eldest son of the 4th Marquesa
  6. Doña María de la Paz Rodriguez de Albuerne y Girón, 6th Marquesa of Altamira, eldest daughter of the 5th Marquis
  7. Doña Luisa Álvarez de Abreú y Rodríguez de Albuerne, 7th Marquesa of Altamira, eldest daughter of the 6th Marquesa's youngest sister
  8. Doña Maria del Mar Alvarez de Abreu y Rodriguez de Albuerne, 8th Marquesa of Altamira, only sister of the 7th Marquesa
  9. Don Carlos Manuel O'Donnell y Álvarez de Abreú, 2nd Duke of Tetuan, 9th Marquis of Altamira and Grandee of Spain, eldest son of 8th Marquesa
  10. Doña María de las Mercedes O'Donnell y Vargas, 10th Marquesa of Altamira, eldest daughter of the 9th Marquis
  11. Doña María Victoria O'Donnell y Vargas, 11th Marquesa of Altamira, younger sister of the 10th Marquesa and daughter of the 9th Marquis
  12. Don Federico Kirkpatrick y O'Donnell, 12th Marquis de Altamira, second son of the 11th Marquesa
  13. Don Alfonso O' Donnell y Lara, 13th Marquis de Altamira, the 12th Marquis' cousin, second son of the 9th Marquis' 5th child
  14. Don Hugo O'Donnell y Duque de Estrada, 7th Duke of Tetuan, 14th Marquis of Altamira and Grandee of Spain, nephew of the 13th Marquis
  15. Don Carlos O'Donnell de Armada, 15th Marquis of Altamira and Grandee of Spain, eldest son of the 14th Marquis


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