Matafao Peak

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Matafao Peak
Matafao Peak National Natural Landmark.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 653 m (2,142 ft)
Coordinates 14°17′41.64″S 170°42′7.92″W / 14.2949000°S 170.7022000°W / -14.2949000; -170.7022000Coordinates: 14°17′41.64″S 170°42′7.92″W / 14.2949000°S 170.7022000°W / -14.2949000; -170.7022000
Matafao Peak is located in American Samoa
Matafao Peak
Matafao Peak

Matafao Peak is a mountain of American Samoa, on the island of Tutuila.[1][2] With an elevation of 653 meters (2,142 ft), it is highest peak in the island. The mountain, like Rainmaker Mountain cross the Pago Pago Harbor, is a remnant of the volcanic plug and for the volcanic origins of the island. The mountain can be hiked from the high point of the Pago Pago to Fagasa Road. It is designated a National Natural Landmark above the 492-ft level,[3] known as Matafao Peak National Natural Landmark.


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