Matilda, Countess of Rethel

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Matilda, Countess of Rethel
Born 1091
Died 1151 (Aged around 60)
Noble family de Rethel
Spouse(s) Odo of Vitry
Father Hugh I, Count of Rethel
Mother Melisende of Crécy

Matilda, Countess of Rethel (1091 in Rethel – 1151) was Sovereign countess of Rethel from 1124 until 1151.

She was a daughter of Count Hugh I and Melisende of Crécy.[1] In 1124, she succeeded her brother Gervais as Countess suo jure of Rethel. She ruled jointly with her husband, Odo of Vitry.

Matilda and Odo had a son:

  • Ithier (1115-1171), who succeeded Odo as Count of Rethel.[2]


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Matilda, Countess of Rethel
Born: 1091 Died: 1151
Preceded by
Countess of Rethel
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