Mauritian diaspora in France

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Mauritians in France
Total population
Regions with significant populations
English, Mauritian Creole and French
Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam
Related ethnic groups
Indian diaspora in France, mixed mauritian, Black people in France

Mauritian diaspora in France are French people with Mauritian descent, or who were born in Mauritius. Although for its economic stability Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland are the biggest recipients of Mauritian immigration, Mauritius is part of the Commonwealth of Nations.


After its independence, Mauritius fell into poverty and misery, at that time, the traditional host countries for Mauritian migrants like the United Kingdom and Australia had closed their doors, so many Mauritians began choosing France as their destination. They arrived in the 1970s, when migration from the rest of Africa to France was also increasing, the first Mauritian migrant to France was a Tamil doctor who settled in Strasbourg, in 1970.[1]

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