Mavrovouni, Laconia

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Mavrovouni is a village (population approximately 500) in the Mani Peninsula, Greece, south of Gytheio.

Mavrovouni is a small village about 2 km south of the town of Gytheio, in Laconia, Greece, it is located on a steep hill of dark rock and is a place for summer vacations. The village's economy is based on olive oil production, fishing and tourism.

It is located right above the Mavrovouni beach, a place ideal for swimming and known for its size, which is approximately 4 km in length. Campings and several rooms-to-let can be found by the beach within 50–100 meters from the sea; the place is appropriate for wind-surfing, having strong winds blowing for several hours in the day (12:00-6:30) during the summer full season (July–August).

Coordinates: 36°44′14″N 22°34′03″E / 36.7372°N 22.5675°E / 36.7372; 22.5675